Hello to January, Winter, New Year’s Resolutions & Big Picture Goals!

Hello to January, Winter, New Year’s Resolutions & Big Picture Goals!


It was January 2011 that I decided to share my passion & love for Fitness & Health and began Body Business.  And let me tell you it has been a wonderful journey.  As any entrepreneur will tell you, no 2 days are alike; there are always good days & struggles, however the bonus of having your own business is the fact that it really does not seem like work, it is enjoyment.  Okay, did I just say it isn’t work?!  By that I mean any job you do should become a part of you – looking forward to each day no matter what is presented.  I guess the personal ‘work’ aspect comes from the daily choices I make in helping Body Business grow.  The more people I can touch and help in bringing about positive change to their life, their lifestyle, I feel I have made a huge achievement and the further I seek in meeting the next challenge that lies ahead of me. 

2015Since I’m on the topic of changes and challenges, I have to mention ‘New Year’s Resolutions’.  Yes, the clock strikes midnight on December 31 and literally millions of people around the world are dead on set at making resolutions and ‘hoping’ to stick to them.  “This is the year I am going to….”  But how many times have you heard that one?  How many times have you made the same promise to yourself every January?  Then comes February, and March and boom, it’s gone.  You get angry at yourself, feel let down, and just give up; you decide you can never do this and just don’t have the will power.  Yes, willpower,  YOU ARE RIGHT!  With all the undue, sometimes unnecessary, stresses in our busy lives how can we ever find the power inside of us.  Fear NOT!  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
If there is one simple step/tip I can give you and you decide to stick with it, then I can GUARANTEE you will make progress towards achieving what you want.  It’s called Appointment Scheduling (and sticking to your schedule).  An appointment.  You know, like the one with your GP, dentist, boss, meeting, date night, or hairstylist (and you know these last 2 are top priority), I’m sure you get the idea.  Would you go and cancel these appointments or would you make sure to keep them?  You probably schedule them into your phone, perhaps even with a reminder alarm, or if you’re ‘old fashion’ like me, you hand-write them into your schedule calendar.  (did I mention the words appointment & schedule enough?)

goalsSimplify your goals.  Stick to only 1 for 30 days before moving on to the next. For example, let’s say you want to exercise.  Put it into your daily and/or weekly schedule.  Slot in a 30 minute appointment for yourself.  Between 6:00am – 6:30am you have an ‘appointment’ to exercise.  And because it is an appointment, you CAN NOT CANCEL! Okay, is 6am too early, then pick your lunch hour, and don’t tell my you don’t have time for lunch.  Lunch is your time, it is part of employee labor law to give you this break.

So, here you have it.  My simple tip, simple change for you.  My challenge for you is to begin making an important appointment for yourself and KEEPING IT.

I’d love to know how it goes.
I’d also love your comments on what you think about my new Body Business newsletter layout.  What you like, what you like don’t like, anything you’d like to see included.
You can leave all your feedback & comments below.

(Oh, BTW, I’m so excited, stayed tuned as I am going to reveal my new logo for Body Business next Friday)

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