Group Fitness, Reason’s It’s Great

Group Fitness, Reason’s It’s Great

Being a Fitness Professional, I relish in a very rewarding and fun career.  Working with a variety of clients, both 1-on-1, and in group fitness settings.

If someone were to ask me which type of Personal Training I love most, I would have a hard time narrowing it down.  They are equally important, rewarding, and have huge positive benefits for both myself and my clients.  Knowing I help make a difference in someone’s life, no words can explain this feeling.

But, for today, I’ve decided to share an article written by Dave Olesczuk, which place the focus on Reason’s Group Fitness Training is so Great; and included some of my own thoughts.  Beginning with a short phrase:

“Group Motivation, Camaraderie, and sharing similar Goals”  

Still Need Convincing?  Experience for YOURSELF:

  1. Proper Instruction – Recent Surveys quote numerous members at gyms/fitness studios stating they are unfamiliar with machines and exercise, finding themselves wandering around & feeling intimidated.  In a group fitness class, a personal trainer will explain the exercises with cues on proper form & technique, executes the movements with you, gives modifications & alternate exercises, acknowledges your safety, and ensures you are executing the exercises correctly all in a fun environment.  Less injuries = Bringing the FUN back to exercise.
  2. Routine – Group fitness sessions tend to run at the same time & day every week. This permits you to schedule your exercise time into your calendar.  Having it become part of your agenda usually Guarantees you setting aside important time for exercise and yourself.
  3. Meet Friends – A fitness group is often full of like-minded people who have the same desires to be healthy, fit, and improve their lifestyle.  When you share similar goals, you are likely to stick with a program-stick with your new found camaraderie you have formed.  No more stopping at the coffee shop on your way to work and picking up donuts; no more going to that popular fast food chain for lunch.  You know everyone in your group fitness session are probably working hard and aiming at eating well just like you. YOU are sharing in the same goals, desires, and therefor will tend to stick with your goals.
  4. Accountability – You know it is so easy to come up with excuses and skip a workout when doing it on your own.  In a group fitness environment, your camaraderie group and instructor will want & expect you to be present for every session.  You are now held accountable for keeping your “scheduled appointment” to exercise. You don’t want to miss a session because you know your friends will be there; you don’t want to let the group down; you know Body Business will contact you the next day to find out what happened; where you were.
  5. Saving Money – The cost for group fitness sessions is a fraction of the cost of 1-on-1 training.  At Body Business we limit our class sizes, enabling us to pay special attention to our group; giving you highly effective training, moving you closer to achieving your own personal fitness goals, but at a fraction of the cost.
  6. Set the Pace – No matter how motivated you are, sometimes you limit how hard you can exercise; perhaps you find it hard to give yourself that push that’s often needed when you are train by yourself.  In a group fitness sessions the pace is set for everyone to follow, you want to keep up with the group.  You will challenge, and prove to yourself that you can go beyond what you are used to; achieving & experiencing the success of discovering your next fitness level. 
  7. Competition Our competitive nature tends to come out in a group fitness setting. You want to silently beat that person beside you; beat your friend, spouse, or partner that has joined this group with you.  They did 8 reps, you want to do 10; they’re setting a certain pace, you want to go a bit faster. This competition makes fitness fun and can push you to an amazing energy level that you can’t seem to find when you exercise on your own.
  8. Encouragement – In group fitness sessions you’ll often find your training doing a lot of hooting, hollering & high-fiving. Personal Trainers in a group fitness environment will encourage everyone to give a little more, keep going, never give up, and push a little harder. The encouragement from your group personal trainer is a great feeling and very motivating.
  9. Accommodation of Various Fitness Levels – Some gyms/fitness studios will run fitness sessions based ONLY on your experience with exercise.  At Body Business we invite all fitness levels to join our group.  Giving modifications & alternate exercises to address your own personal fitness level.  We have personally witness how beginners are positively influenced by more advanced individual; bringing about a wanted urgency to prove there are no limits.  You have the will power, brought on by group support, to work towards your next fitness level.
  10. Interesting – A variety of exercises are executed making each class unique, different, and fun.  Using a variety of equipment, including your own body resistance, brings about an interesting class, with a thrive to create diversity.

Know it’s your decision.

Exercise on my own, or in a group training environment?

I encourage you to contact Body Business and come to experience our Group Fitness Sessions.  To Feel the Motivation, Camaraderie, and share in similar Goals.

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