How to Get Back onto the Exercise Bandwagon

How to Get Back onto the Exercise Bandwagon

How to get back onto the exercise bandwagon?

Did you fall off your exercise bandwagon somewhere between June 30 – August 31?

Time to get back on to the exercise bandwagon!  YOUR EXERCISE BANDWAGON.

It is Wednesday, the second day of getting back into a routine.


I don’t know if you have kids that go to school, but I do and one of them started high school – Grade 9 – AGH!!! That’s a big move taking the city bus to school and back home again.

I have to admit, as much as I was looking forward to getting back into my routine, I was so happy to see them back home again at the end of the day!

Is this how you felt yesterday?

It’s back to normal today.  What are you doing for YOURSELF?

In September we get back into the craziness, maybe more than we did at the beginning of summer.

I am going be honest with you, in August I really did not do much exercise.  I wasn’t moving as much as I should.

But on September 1st, I got back onto the exercise bandwagon so I’m really happy about that!

What gets you back onto the exercise bandwagon?

I have a group of ladies that started my FREE 30-day September Group Challenge which is really exciting because we do a 5-minute exercise together every day.  It all takes place in a secret Facebook Group I created.

I am in the works of planning my FREE October Group Challenge, which I will post more about later on this month.


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What I’m also excited about are my Women ONLY Fitness Classes starting next Tuesday, September 13.




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Have a wonderful week and stay hydrated!

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