Fitness Trends 2016

Fitness Trends 2016

2016 trends

The New Year means a lot more people will be out looking for workouts to get in shape for 2016 and that means that gyms, fitness classes, and personal trainers will be fighting for their attention.

With the rise in sales of wearable technology, new and fun workouts that capture, and sustain participants attention is the best way to stand out and appeal to those who are looking to get in shape or exercise regulars who want something new.

“Every year the fitness world adjusts and evolves bringing in new elements to already established classes or bringing in new workouts for you to try. Five years ago no one knew what Functional Fitness or HITT was but most fitness classes have added elements of both because people expect it now.”

Here are my top 10-fitness trends that are buzzing and everyone in the fitness world will be adding to their workout routines and talking about in 2016.

2016 tecnology

1.  Technology: Technology is taking over the fitness industry with fitness trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors, GPS watches, smartphone exercise apps that can measure your heart rate, distance covered and speed, just the beginning of the tech trend. Many personal trainers and gyms are developing their own apps which can be incorporated into their classes but can also collect data on your workouts, and can then personalize workouts for you based on the data.
2016 push up

2.  Body Weight Training: Does not require the use of weights or equipment.  You exercise by using your own bodyweight to incorporate a full range of motion body resistance exercises – push-ups, pull-ups, abdominal V-sits.





2016 HITT3.  HIIT and/or Tabata: HIIT is still a hit and will continue to get stronger over the next few years as people are short on time and want a workout that is fast and efficient. The principle of short, quick, intense workouts gets applied to everything. One of the hottest HIIT workouts is Tabata: you work at maximum effort for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds, and repeat. HIIT training workouts will continue this year in group fitness classes.

happy bc

4.  Group Fitness Classes: Research has shown that people who train in a group environment are more successful than those who try to go it alone; so the camaraderie and support you get in group fitness is an advantage.  Training in the outdoors with fresh air not cooped up in a gym also is a huge plus.


IMG_71265.  Personal Training; In-home & On-line: Personal training used to seen as something only celebrities and the wealthiest could afford but they are more accessible now than ever before. The one to one coaching and attention you receive is highly beneficial and can produce amazing results.





2016 FFitness

6.  Functional Fitness:  Exercises that emphasize the use of your core muscles while strengthening the muscles that are used every day during daily tasks, or that are used in sports.  Implement the use of both upper and lower muscles.  Flexibility – stretching – is included in Functional Fitness.



7.  Circuit Training: Circuit training is similar to HIIT in its speed and intensity. A group of six to 10 exercises are completed one after another and in a predetermined sequence and each exercise is performed for a specified number of repetitions or for a set period before having a quick rest and moving on to the next exercise.

IMG_71368.  Health & Wellness Coaching: Lives are becoming busy, that people are finding it hard to get to a gym, or spend a specific time with a personal trainer.  Meals are coming from take-out menus or in pre-packaged boxes. Coaching allows the flexibility of exercising during a time that fits your schedule coupled with customized “Made-for-You” simple menu planning & grocery lists.


partner9.  Workplace Lunch & Learns: Employers are beginning to focus on the benefits and importance of health employees.  By providing workplace lunch hour fitness programs and health workshops, a productive and harmonious work environment is created leading to happy employees, less sick days and decreased use of employee health.

2016 live streaming10.  Live Streaming Classes:  You log into a fitness class or with a personal trainer that is live streaming their fitness workout and do it with them.  Can be done anywhere there is access to the Wifi.

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