Finding Important ‘ME’ Time

Finding Important ‘ME’ Time

a699942a          I recently received an email from someone, explaining to me how they would love the take part in group fitness, but a busy life keeps them from finding time (to cover privacy issues, I’ve given this person another name, we’ll call them Sam).

My reply to Sam,

Hi Sam,

I appreciate you getting back to me.

Do know I understand how life can get very crazy, as we also experience it here at home, but realize that making time for yourself is no less important than anyone else.

I always preach that in order for us as mother’s & wives to take care of ourselves, we first need to take care of ourselves.  If not we suffer from extreme stress, neglect, and negative feelings both towards ourselves & others.

The great thing about group fitness is that you will find other women experiencing and facing the same issues you are.  A camaraderie, support system, and motivation is formed; realizing our time together, when we exercise, improves our self worth and radiates an atmosphere of thank-fulness.

I hope you can find time in your busy life Sam to dedicate it to yourself.  If it is too difficult in the evening, then wake up early and have a workout at home; may it be a 30 min. program in the house, or a 30 min. run/walk outside, itis important to make the time!  You’ll find it may be difficult to wake up 40 min. earlier than usual at the beginning, but soon a routine will be formed and it is something you will extremely enjoy.

If you can find time in the evening, it would be wonderful for you to enjoy us.

Please know if you have any questions and/or concerns, never hesitate to ask.

Take care,


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