Exercise and Loving your Job

Exercise and Loving your Job

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Did you know one of the secrets to loving your job is exercise?!

Perhaps you’re questioning this statement and asking yourself if I am serious, but in a recent study by co-author Elnar B.Thorsteinsson, it has been proven that exercise lowers stress, increases well-being and directly reduces work burnout – which in essence enhances your sense of personal work achievement and pride in your work.

So yes, exercise really is one of the secrets to loving your job.

Of course exercise goes far beyond improving your appreciation and love for your work – in fact, it improves your overall mind-set, your self-esteem, and how you view your life in general.

Being a strong advocate for exercise, healthy eating, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle, I can tell you that my mind and body really feels the difference – the benefits – exercise makes in my life.

alarm clockHave you ever had a morning when your alarm clock goes off and you are so tired that you really rather stay in bed – then you look in the mirror and think you look like S*%#?


Crazy work week

It’s been one of those weeks where you wish it was Friday, but it’s only Wednesday – nothing is going right and you can’t seem to achieve anything – your outlook on life is currently very negative?


IF you don’t want to take my words when I say exercise increases energy, and how you feel about yourself, then take Tara’s testimonial…

“The high and accomplishment I feel after a workout is indescribable. Workout sessions are affectionately labeled our  as “spa days” because I literally feel so good after – not only in body but in mind and I sleep so much better too!”

And Sandra’s…

“The results that surprised me the most were how I was feeling better mentally as well as physically and I realized that it is important to make time for myself because how much better I feel afterward. Exercise really does help with clearing your mind and relieving stress.”

And finally there is Elizabeth’s…

“I no longer wake up with back pain because my core is stronger…I have realized that I can fit workouts into my schedule and actually enjoy them – I miss my workouts if I have to miss a class. My outlook has changed, I just truly realized the importance of taking care of myself by exercising.”

Take action today and include exercise into your day – it’ll improve your work performance, reduce work-related stress, improve your outlook on life – have you love your job.

Want to know how to get started on exercise or how to achieve your personal goals?

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