December’s Client of the Month

December’s Client of the Month

Body Business Client Of The Month

0083_Bergen Family_A Simple PhotographCathy

Joining us in September, Cathy is one of our newest Body Business ShapeShift Session Team Members.
She definitely proves the true power of taking that extra step; realizing to take care of your family, you must begin with yourself.
I love that Cathy has demonstrated what some might consider ‘road blocks’, due to more demands in her job, combined with a very busy family; taking the initiative to acknowledge and voice to her family the importance of attending the sessions, and making time for herself.
Cathy knows that her family will survive while she has is exercising, and you know what.
They do.
Cathy recently told me something so exciting.  Since beginning ShapeShift, she feels great, and stronger in these few short weeks.
I think as women we can all learn something from Cathy; to not be afraid to acknowledge that we are important; to acknowledge that our well-being is important; to acknowledge that only we can take the initiative to feel better, stronger, and healthier about ourselves.

What is a quote you live by? 

No quote- but I do try to be the kind of person I’d like to meet.

For me that means having a positive attitude, an open mind and a sense of humour.

What brought you to Body Business?
I was looking for a chance to get active, challenge myself and de-stress. I’ve really appreciated that Body Business is in my neighbourhood and I have no excuses for missing a workout.

What do you enjoy most about Body Business?
I never know what’s coming!  I like the variety Body Business brings to the classes; it forces me to focus on what I’m doing and keeps me on my toes.
I enjoy the group and the positive attitude of everyone in the room- even when we’re struggling to make it through a set. I always leave class feeling great!

What are some health and fitness goals you have achieved since beginning with Body Business?
I feel stronger and calmer. That means a lot to me! It’s about carving out a few hours of time just for me.

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