Client of the Month, September

Client of the Month, September

1011591_10153978001270084_1968246632_n (1)      Dave P.

David joined Body Business Fitness Sessions in January and has made many positive strives forward.  During this time, I have been amazed at how fast David’s movements and strength have improved, allowing him to progress to a much higher fitness level with precision & proper form. From the get go, David has always been keen and looks forward to taking on any new challenges that are presented to him.  His eagerness & willingness, with the mindset to proceed with power, allows David to conquer each & every session, while taking special care to execute the exercises with proper form & technique.
A final rewarding aspect about having David, is his encouragement & support he openly demonstrates to his fiancee throughout each sessions; a couple becoming fit & healthy together while sharing in the fun of being a team; Partnership. 

What is a quote you live by? 
“Happy Wife, Happy Life”

What brought you to Body Business?
I wanted to start staying active and healthy. I found before boot camp I was tired all the time and didn’t want to go out and do things.

What do you enjoy most about Body Business?
How Tanya can control a group but also be 1-on-1 with you at the same time. I love the challenges, it’s what keeps me motivated to go back each week.

What are some health and fitness goals you have achieved since beginning with Body Business?
I’ve learned how to do the exercising properly and I am more energetic. 

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