Client of the Month, November

Client of the Month, November

IMG_00000809     Tracy F.

Tracy’s involvement as a Body Business Participant Team Member has been spread out over the last 3 year’s. Being a wife, mother, and working full-time in a very demanding job position, she has always made the effort to take part and attend as many fitness sessions as her schedule allowed her to.  Dealing with stress head-on, she shares her feelings on how great she feels after the exercises & the cool-down.  Tracy has a determined mindset and always works hard during each session.  Making various advanced  fit steps, it has been over this last year where I have witnessed huge, rewarding, strives forward towards positive changes on both a mindful & physical level.
Since making a career change, I have seen a huge weight being lifted off Tracy’s shoulders. She radiates an amazing healthy glow and a playful, youth has returned to her life and eyes-they say your soul speaks through your eyes.  I feel Tracy is a key role model in demonstrating how lifestyle changes, no matter how difficult they may appear, can make a huge impact on your life.  She has proven that although you may be facing ‘fear of change’, she took this fear and turned it into something positive.  Walking away from a high end, stressful career, to taking a different career path where one remembers, relishes, and begins enjoying each, and every day again.   They say Life slips by too fast, Begin Living a Life, 1 step-at-a-time!  

What is a quote you live by?
Oh, this is a tough one, I have many meaningful quotes that I gain inspiration from and look to in governing my life. There is one that immediately comes to mind though:

 “Change is the essence of life…be willing to surrender who you are for who you can become.”

I believe life is a process and a journey and we must always be willing to learn, grow and improve.  That is how we can gain the most out of the life we are given.

What brought you to Body Business?
That’s an easy one…Tanya. In starting Body Business, Tanya had an infectious enthusiasm and the highest commitment towards fitness and achieving a healthy lifestyle. For me, achieving a healthy lifestyle was something that had always been important although with all the commitments of a career and busy family life I realized that my own fitness and health were taking a back seat to the needs of others at both work and home. I wanted to make being fit a priority in my life and joining boot camp through Body Business allowed me to dedicate real time for exercise into my schedule and commit to a healthier lifestyle. 

What do you enjoy most about Body Business?
My experiences through Body Business have been truly rewarding and empowering. Tanya places a real emphasis on having fun while working hard to achieve your personal best.  I most enjoy the supportive environment, together with the variety in the exercises and activities that we do from one bootcamp session to the next. 

What are some health and fitness goals you have achieved since beginning with Body Business?
Over the past two years, I have noticed a steady increase in my strength and improvement in muscle tone, body shape, and level of endurance.  These achievements were especially evident for me this past summer when I completed a cycling adventure through Prince Edward County together with my son. We cycled nearly 300km over four days and created memories that will last a lifetime.  Being able to accomplish something so physically demanding inspired a new level of enjoyment for me in fitness and exercising that without Body Business, I would not have achieved.

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