Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

No these are not frog eggs!

In the past I read a lot about Chia Seeds.  No, I’m not taking about the Chia Head pets that you saw in the late 70’s, early 80’s.  I’m talking about the Chia Seeds that you consume.  After a client asked me about them, I decided to do my own investigation.  I did notice there are a lot of various companies out there stating that they have the “BEST” Chia Seeds on the market.  All that I ask is you educate yourself and make sure you purchase ONLY ORGANIC.
I am very specific about what comes into our household both purchased & consumed; purchase meat from local farmers not using growth hormones or anti-bodies, purchase organic dairy; clean our house using vinegar; do not use any kind of air freshners, room deodorizers or sprays; shampoo, soap, and lotions contain no parabens or any other cancer causing chemicals; laundry detergent is ONLY plant based with no added perfumes/fragrances and therefor is truely bio-degradable; etc.  (you get the picture….)
Although  I can control a lot of what is brought into our home and consumed, I have no control over the environmental toxins that surround us everyday.  This is one of the reasons I decided to incorporate chia seeds into our daily diet.
Ask yourself, do you hit the 2pm afternoon crash; do you feel like you’re dragging your feet a lot of days; how are your bowels-do you go everyday? May I remind you a lot of this has to do with our Hormones and how they may be unbalanced in our bodies, but this is a whole new blog in itself.

You will find a lot of testimonial about how Chia Seeds have made a difference in people’s lives.  Remember, we are all different and result vary from person-to-person.My observations in the last 2 months:  I try to keep detoxed by taking veggie greens and phytoberries,  however, during the first 2 weeks of consuming the chia seeds, on a daily basis, I was feeling immensely tired, sometimes I had a hard time getting out of bed, I felt a bit groggy at times, and really had low energy.

Is this good?  YES!!  From my experiences with seasonal cleanses, I always experience this during the first 2 weeks.  This leads me to believe the Chia Seeds were detoxing my body.
Following these 2 weeks, I noticed I have more energy, am sleeping better, and my hair is growing faster; although I don’t particular like the legs growing faster on my legs–perhaps I’ll do the European look this summer, minus the underarms.
My stomach is very sensitive to a lot of foods and I would take enzymes to help with my digestion, however I no longer need to rely on them since taking Chia Seeds.
I encourage you to try Chia Seeds for at least 2 months to see if you notice a difference in your body.
I would love for you to share your experiences!
Stay Healthy and Fit,
Keep on the track of Exericise, Good Health,

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