Change Your Password Challenge

Change Your Password Challenge

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Change Your Password Challenge   

We’re all guilty of this sometimes….

We mindlessly do so many things during the day without even thinking about it.

Did you know over 40% of the things we do each day are automatic and done out of habit?

Think about something as simple as entering in your password for your email or bank account every day.

You most likely do it without even thinking about it.

Now, what if you changed that password to an empowering thought, affirmation, or expression of gratitude?

This way, you’d be typing in something positive for the next 60 or 90 days that actually helped you focus on something positive, instead of just some random words like your street name or something you’ve just used for years.

Some Ideas:

  • Iam@awesome
  • WorkOUT4EV3R
  • Sleep#B410
  • is@Happy:)
  • TodayisaGR8day!

Your challenge this week is to change ONE password to something positive.

Post below if you’re “in” for this challenge!

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