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Overeating. Who hasn’t been there!?

Overeating. Who hasn’t been there?! You know, when you just keep on eating; not listening to YOUR body signals to stop eating; and you end up feeling like crap! OVEREATING. If YOU listen to YOUR body and really pay attention to, What you are eating How it really tastes The speed you’re eating …you will realize when you are 80% full. The 80% – 20% Rule of How YOU Eat is what I’m covering today. And how to ensure you do not continue to overeat. I’d love you to message me if I can answer any questions you have on exercise, […]

3 Habits for Weight Loss, Becoming Lean and Losing Body Fat.

Are you trying to lose weight but numbers on the scale are not changing?  Your clothes still fit the same, they’re not getting too big?  Your belt buckle is still stuck on the last hole?  Or are you still too embarrassed to tuck in your shirt? You’re most likely frustrated because you are exercising for over an hour almost everyday; your store bought pre-packaged snacks are labelled ‘healthy’; you’ve changed your eating habits; but nothing is budging!   Time to re-evaluate! Exercise:  That’s great you are doing cardio as it essentially strengthens your heart, but if your goal is weight […]

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