Are YOU following the 80% – 20% Rule of what YOU’RE eating?

Do YOU eat 80% Healthy or 20% Healthy? Sure, it’s okay to occasionally enjoy a piece of birthday cake, as I did yesterday for my dad’s birthday, and boy was it YUMMY! But, do YOU eat chips, cookies, chocolate bars, fast food every day – 80% of the time? YOU need to re-evaluate your lifestyle if this is true!

Top 5 Benefits of Weight Loss & How it Influences Your Life.

Some people are happy with their current weight – or perhaps they misunderstand, are confused, or generally don’t care about the importance of a ‘healthy’ scale number, body fat percentage, and body measurement.    But in reality, whether people want to admit it or not, if you are overweight and/or obese, then weight loss has numerous benefits and plays an important role in influencing your life.  It directly impacts your health, your self-esteem, and it can influence your overall outlook on life. Breaking it down to the top five benefits will help explain this better. Lower Blood Pressure:  Blood pressure is […]

3 Biggest Common Misconceptions to Loosing Your Belly Fat

  It’s no secret that both men and women look for ways of reducing their belly fat.  But what and how you do it are often misunderstood.   A week goes by and frustration sets in because you are not seeing any results.  You don’t understand because you’re not eating a lot, you’re doing 100 crunches everyday, and you’re going to bed earlier.  Time to break down these common misconceptions and understand why they will not lead you to loosing your belly fat. You’re not eating a lot:  Does that mean you are starving yourself?  Do you find your belly rumbles […]

6 Reasons Why Your Belly Refuses To Go Flat

It’s been six-weeks now and you feel you’re doing everything right but your belly refuses to go flat.  But I want you to really think about it – dig deep and ask yourself, “Am I really doing everything right?”  Did you know there are six tips to making results happen that you may very well have overlooked.   If you want to see your belly begin to become flatter, I suggest you continue to read this article. How did you sleep last night?  Hopefully the required 6 – 8 hours sleep.  Did you know this is the recommended and required amount […]

$2,000,000,000.00 Being Spent Due To Obesity; Wynne announces initiative to get kids more physically active in schools.

Turn on any media outlet over the last few weeks and the big (no pun intended) headliner is on Obesity and Exercise. What I don’t understand is why this is only making top headlines now. Perhaps it’s because we are into December, and you all know what happens in January.  The traditional “New Year’s Resolutions.” (But, let me leave this topic for another blog before I get away from what I wanted to discuss today). In case you do not live in Canada, $2,000,000,000.00 is currently being spent in our medial system, due to the rising cost of Obesity in patients. […]

Homemade Meals, Really Simple Actually, as also written in Time Magazine

I recently read an interesting article in October 20th issue of Time Magazine.  Written by best selling food writer Mark Bittman. He writes about needing to return to the basics, remember when we were young, and ate homemade meals.  I think you can agree that nothing beats mom’s cooking!  Thinking back to my childhood, although my mother worked full-time, she still always made an effort to provide the family with wholesome, made from scratch, using natural ingredients, home made meals.  Never mind just including dinner, this also included breakfast, and a wonderful ‘take-to-school’ lunch box meal, later on, paper bag lunches. Your […]


So many micronutrients in only 1 Glass A few months ago we decided to begin juicing again.  As we would like to do this everday, it does not always happen, but, at least I can say we are making a point to juice at least 2x/wk. BOY, do I ever notice a difference in my energy levels when I have juiced. I tend to have more energy and feel like I could take on the world all day and night.  It’s hard to believe one would feel like this after consuming only 500ml of pure juice.  A simple mixture of fruits, vegetables, spirulina, and a few […]

A Natural Risk Reducer

Think Cinnamon Although my husband will disagree, I LOVE both the taste and smell of Cinnamon.  But did you know Cinnamon goes beyond just tasting good in your warm, homemade, fresh baked Apple Pie.  (Notice I said, Homemade) Since our consumption of carbohydrates has increased, so has our cravings for sugar.  To put it in non-medical, and easy to understand terms, carbohydrates convert to sugar, and when these ‘sugars’ are not burned off, they are stored as fat.  Our bodies are in constant battle with sugar over load spikes and then crashing rock hard bottom. High blood sugar levels drive hunger and craving for more carbohydrates and/or sugar.  However, […]

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