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New Year’s Self-Care Resolutions Beyond Weight Loss and Diets

New Year’s Self-Care Resolutions Beyond Weight Loss and Diets New Year’s Self-care Resolutions need to go beyond weight loss, the latest diet fad, or the newest exercise trends, and instead, your focus needs to be placed on how you value yourself, your thought processes, and your journey to wellness and a positive mindset. “Your focus needs to be placed on how you value yourself, your thought processes, and your journey… Click To Tweet Here are my top five New Year’s Self-Resolutions, 1. “I absolutely LOVE my reflection in the mirror.” – When you look in the mirror state how beautiful […]

Weightloss vs Wellness Transformation

Weightloss vs Wellness Transformation I’m talking about Weightloss vs Wellness Transformation today as I’m LIVE outside today – oh, those good endorphins! A weightloss tip I’m sharing with you today ties in with something one of my Shape Shift Session ladies talked to me about.  She’s currently on a “Life Transformational Journey“, and in addition to taking my classes, she has also begun running. We were talking and she said to me that she is hoping in a few months, that she will be able to have lost a lot of weight. What I said to her is that “What you […]

Hello and Happy New Year!

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Overeating. Who hasn’t been there!?

Overeating. Who hasn’t been there?! You know, when you just keep on eating; not listening to YOUR body signals to stop eating; and you end up feeling like crap! OVEREATING. If YOU listen to YOUR body and really pay attention to, What you are eating How it really tastes The speed you’re eating …you will realize when you are 80% full. The 80% – 20% Rule of How YOU Eat is what I’m covering today. And how to ensure you do not continue to overeat. I’d love you to message me if I can answer any questions you have on exercise, […]

Are YOU following the 80% – 20% Rule of what YOU’RE eating?

Do YOU eat 80% Healthy or 20% Healthy? Sure, it’s okay to occasionally enjoy a piece of birthday cake, as I did yesterday for my dad’s birthday, and boy was it YUMMY! But, do YOU eat chips, cookies, chocolate bars, fast food every day – 80% of the time? YOU need to re-evaluate your lifestyle if this is true!

5 Tips on Walking for Exercise; a simple form of exercise.

If you are very new to exercise or haven’t participated in any form of exercise for more years than you can remember, I highly recommend you begin with walking.  It is after all a natural form of movement that most of us were born to do – your body automatically knows how to move – most of us walk without needing to think about it.  And if you suffer from any form of arthritis, walking is a simple and very beneficial form of exercise for you to do. All the essentials that you really need is a good, supportive pair […]

5 Back to School Tips and How to lessen the Stress

It’s hard to believe the kids are back at school again.  It only felt like yesterday they were done and the summer holidays began – it wasn’t even that long ago they started the 2014- 2015 school year and here we are again – another year beginning. As a parent, when I look at my children and think about routines I realize how fast a year really does go by.  I often ask myself if it’s the fact that I’m getting older but when I speak with other parents they feel just like I do.   And you know what […]

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