Bootcamp Style Workouts

Bootcamp Style Workouts

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I know, you hear the word “Bootcamp” and you have visions of a drill sargent screaming over your body while you are ready to collapse; rippled bodies bursting with muscles everywhere you look; going hard with no breaks and unable to pick yourself up off the floor, while crawling to the showers!
drillWell, yes, bootcamp can be like this however, no fears as some classes can be the exact opposite.

Other ‘bootcamp’ classes are run by an instructor who leads you through a group of exercises, giving modifications to suit all fitness levels.  You are encouraged to both listen to your body but also give yourself that push you never thought you were capable of.

Either way, how hard you want to workout really boils down to your inner strength and the need to proving to yourself you can do it.

The feedback I always receive is that the ‘bootcamp’ group setting has a great support system and is highly motivational; geared towards body fat loss, increased cardiovascular system, increased body strength, and to help participants get into a routine that includes regular exercise.

Other Benefits:  You get an amazing workout in under 1 hour.  Yes, you heard, or rather read right, under 1 hour.  Classes are between 30 – 45 min. including the warm-up, workout, and cool-down with stretch.  Now here’s the best part, you don’t have to think about what exercises you are going to do today, you just listen, follow & execute (that means do the exercised given).  Classes often include a combination of cardio & body resistant/body weight exercises, although additional weights (dumbells) and other fitness equipment and  may also be incorporated.

bcWhat to watch out for:  Often times participants are in the moment and forget to listen to their bodies, or they think they are being a ‘wussy’ for feeling like they are about to pass out, and I don’t know about you, but I rather listen to my body and slow down as needed, then open my eyes and find myself sprawled out on the floor with everyone staring at me because I’ve passed out (as if you’re ever going to show your face in that class again-talk about embarrassed).  Stay hydrated before, during, and following the class.

That about sums it up.

happy bcRemember the key is to find a class where you feel comfortable, feel supportive, and numero uno- ARE HAVING FUN!

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