Why Body Business? as stated in October’s Newsletter

Why Body Business? as stated in October’s Newsletter

Normally this sections is dedicated to our Client of the Month, however, this month I feel it is important to address the above question.

Everywhere you look, around the corner, in almost every neighbourhood; advertising; on social media, you’ll see a sign posted from a gym. fitness studio, or personal training facility.

You have many options presented to you about why they are “The Best”.  What makes them special; Why you no loner need to look further.

Some fitness businesses may feel pressured from competition, leading them to compare themselves and change what they believe in, their core values.  They may even go forth and feel that decreasing their fees, for example, may attract more people.

Body Business values what we offer.  We know that you, our clients, and Body Business Fitness Team Participants is what keeps us strong and loving what we do.

We believe it is important to listen to YOU; to learn about both your concerns and struggles; to know where your Love & Hate relationship with exercise lies.  When we pinpoint these areas, we begin to see progress and goals achieved.

Body Business shares in the struggles & stress, of being a full-time working mother, a wife, organizer, driver; being pulled from 1 point to another, and even being faced with those days where you feel undervalued.

We are a team, sharing similar goals, taking similar steps, sharing in the celebration of achievements-whether they are big or small, they are important to acknowledge.  This is one of the many reasons why we love featuring a Client of the Month in every monthly newsletter; Why every month Body Business personal training clients are presented with a gift; Why every month 1 lucky Fitness Session participant wins a prize.  To often we do no acknowledge ourselves for our hard work & our achievements!  Taking the importance of making Your Health & Fitness Important To YOU.

Dedication to yourself.  YOU DESERVE ‘ME’ TIME!

Know that Body Business is always here to help. 

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