April’s Client Of The Month – Wendy T.

April’s Client Of The Month – Wendy T.

April's Client Of The Month - Wendy TI am proud to share with you that Wendy was my very first Personal Training client.
Upon first meeting Wendy, I immediately saw a wonderful zest and witnessed the belief in valuing the true gift of life. From her own personal experiences, Wendy has learned that sometimes we are faced with painful situations, but this has never stopped Wendy from looking positively at what lies ahead of her. I always look forward to every one of our sessions, our wonderful conversations, our laughs, and greatly appreciate that Wendy recognizes the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. When they say photos can sometimes speak louder than words, this is true of Wendy’s photo. Her radiant smile shines with kindness; love for her family; appreciating the simple things of life; LOVING LIFE!

What is a quote you live by?

Never Give Up—You never know what is waiting for you around the corner!!! All great things come in THREES!!!”

What brought you to Body Business?

Actually I stumbled upon Tanya quite by accident. My previous trainer had left and Tanya and I were introduced. When she first asked me if I had any issues she should be aware of,,, I was afraid if I told her everything at once she might head for the hills!!!
I explained my medical history,,, my fight with Ovarian Cancer at the very young age of 29 . My cancer was found at the birth of my youngest son Tom. I was separated from him when he was only five weeks old to go to London for surgery and chemotherapy. The separation from my other two sons, Mike and Greg who were five and three,,, and from my husband Tim,,, were also heart wrenching. I had a tumor reoccur on the remaining ovary nine years later so I had more surgery but no chemo. Today I am a survivor , twenty one years now!!!

There have been health issues related to my Cancer that continually follow me around. This fitness regime I do with Tanya helps me to feel better and give me the strength to never give up! I also do these gym workouts with Tim,,, my extra strength and support!!!

What do you enjoy most about Body Business?

First of all,,, I love my Teacher!!!! Her awareness and constant education to my health issues; her manner of teaching and understanding to my weight concerns; her newest tips on nutrition and all the while entertaining during classes!!!

What are some health and fitness goals you have achieved since beginning with Body Business?

As we age it seems it is so easy to become sediment. Staying active forever is my goal!!! I want to be able to stay strong and mobile with a big dose of healthy!!!

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