April’s Client of the Month, Elizabeth

April’s Client of the Month, Elizabeth


As a Fitness Professional, it is so rewarding to see amazing improvements in a person’s Fitness Levels & Health – this is what I have witnessed with Elizabeth.

Taking a look at Elizabeth’s photo, you can see she brings with her a positive energy to each and every class; always coming in with a big smile; radiates positive energy and always has a willingness to take on whatever exercises are planned for Shape Shift.

Since beginning the sessions a little over 4 1/2 months ago, I have witnessed Elizabeth’s strength increase – doing 5 knee push-ups to 15+ military style push-ups in 30 seconds; holding a knee plank for 15 seconds to holding a full plank for 60 seconds; using 5 lbs. weights now increased to 10 lbs. weights.  And I can’t forget Elizabeth’s endurance and how it has improved over the last few weeks.  When she first began Shape Shift Sessions, Elizabeth took quite a few breaks but now she perseveres and pumps out a good 30 – 40 minute workout without taking a break; she easily flows from one exercise to another without any difficulty, and (here’s the best part) taking a look at Elizabeth’s body shape, she both walks and stands taller, straighter, and is becoming toned & trim.

What is a quote you live by?
I don’t really live by any quote.  I like the saying “life is good” because it reminds me to be grateful for all the good things in my life and not take anything for granted.  I am a very positive person and try to always see the glass as half full.

What brought you to Tanya & Body Business?
I have always tried to be active but when I quit smoking I really wanted to improve my cardio.  Someone at work told me about Tanya’s class and I thought I would give it a try

What do you enjoy most about Tanya’s Shape Shift Sessions?
What I enjoy most about this is that every class is different, It keeps it interesting and works different muscle groups every class.  I never know what Tanya has in store for us.  I can feel that I’ve gotten stronger since I started.

What are some health and fitness goals you have achieved since beginning Shape Shift Sessions?
I definitely have better endurance since I started.  I always feel really good after a class and really miss it when I can’t be there.  I can only go once a week due to other commitments but I am hoping in the fall I will be able to make it twice a week.

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