Achieve YOUR Goal in 3-months.

Achieve YOUR Goal in 3-months.

Achieve YOUR Goal in 3-months.

Achieve YOUR Goals in 3-months.  It’s very doable.

But first I need to apologize as I’ve been off for a few days – no posts, no videos – and that’s because it was Easter.

Got to enjoy time with family.  Right!

I’m behind in everything, 3-days catch-up, and yes, it can be crazy right – I’m feeling a bit frazzled, JUST LIKE YOU  – but that’s life.

Time to go with the flow, get rid of the stress and everything will get done.  That’s my tip for you, don’t fret and everything will get done.

Over 4-months into 2017, write down your goals – get hyper focused on YOUR GOALS.

Unless you write down your goals, it’s hard to stay focused on them.  Life is a road, a journey, and if you accept the bumps, and acknowledge this is life.  But don’t get stuck on the bumps, and instead look at them as part of your journey.

Take the steps YOU need to get started to moving forward,

  1. Write down one goal that you want to accomplish in the next 3-months on a piece of paper.
  2. Write down 3-actionable steps that you need to do to get to this goal.
  3. Break down each step even further by including what needs to be done in each one of the steps you have written down.
  4. What do you need to do every week to make these individual tasks/steps happen?
  5. Spend a few minutes journaling how you will feel when you accomplish your goal – write it down in the presence tense.
  6. Take this feeling/goal and put up where you will see it every day.  This way your goal and your steps will be seen every day and remain on top of your mind.
  7. Take this even further, take a photo, and post onto your social media.  This way you will be held accountable and cheered on towards achieving your goal.

Do YOU need support, call me, send me a text, or email me and talk about Achieving YOUR Goals.


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