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Deanne lost 7-inches overall in 30-daysdee-testimonialhttps://www.facebook.com/deanne.bingleman/videos/10154635618530625/


KathyKathy                8-months later, Kathy contacted me to say, “I just wanted to Thank  you again, Tanya, as I’ve lost 20-lbs. and feel so much better and healthier.  You were who I needed to finally help me make a lifestyle change for the    better.  I continue to follow everything I learned from you.  Thank you again.”







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Even though I know the benefits of exercise, I never had any motivation to get started.  That was before I began Tanya’s program.  From my very first workout, I knew I had found someone who understood where I was coming from. Tanya is very supportive, upbeat, and knows exactly where I am both mentally and physically. I’ve already lost over 20 lbs., 15 inches and continue to look forward to all the workouts and personal coaching consultations.”  – Kathy


I understood the true value of exercising but was always getting injured which lead me to trying a variety of programs at different gyms.  However since meeting Tanya, I’ve been injury free and really enjoy her program.  It’s definitely been a valuable experience and the benefits of a good workout are amazing.  I appreciate Tanya’s constant education and emphasis on proper form, technique, and function in preventing injuries.” – Jen


I lacked motivation for wanting to make positive choices about my diet and exercise, and lacked the importance of a mindset that says, “I CAN do anything!”  It’s been a pleasure working with Tanya and her program because of her positive attitude and motivation.  She has given me the mindset to keep working hard, to enjoy every fitness class, workout and every 1-on-1 personal consultation session.  I love Tanya’s extra fundraisers for the rest of the world and our community!! You truly LOVE your job. You are a great person with a big heart!”- Robin


Tanya provides a total body workout in 30 min. The workouts can be done at home with no and/or minimal equipment. I love that each workout session is different, which provides variety. Tanya keeps the workout program fun and during our conversations- she encourages you to work hard, and to keep going when you want to stop – and it’s okay even to flop on the floor and laugh at yourself!” – A.T


I enjoy working with Tanya’s program. She offers challenging and varied whole body workouts combined with tips for continued healthy eating habits. She will teach you how to ‘listen to your body’, and simultaneously push you to your limit (if you want to). She always has a positive attitude and is genuinely proud of your success.” – Kim


I really enjoy Tanya’s program training and can definitely see the value in it. I appreciate all of the extra information she gives me, as well as her focus being on preventing injuries but still getting a good workout.” – Jen


I absolutely love going to the classes. I feel very energized and pumped after every class, and have noticed a huge difference in the toning of my arms and legs. No two classes are ever the same so there is always something new to look forward to for every class!” – Jenn

I love Tanya’s classes! They are a fantastic addition to my regular workouts.” – Chery

I was an active and athletic child, growing up. Unfortunately my level of activity declined over the years, and certain life events left me feeling depressed, powerless and unhealthy. Not long ago, I learnt of Tanya’s classes and thought I would give it a try. I didn’t succeed through gyms and self monitored attendance at local fitness centers. I thought the class length, twice a week time commitment and small group size with a professional who could guide me through a total body workout would help. I was nervous to begin. ‘Shape Shift’ sounded intimidating to me and I imagined all the women training along side me to be fit and strong. I was relieved to see all shapes, sizes and ages when I entered my first class. Tanya created a welcoming environment with enthusiasm and respect for everyone’s levels and abilities, while encouraging us to push ourselves to succeed. The results were immediate. I felt energized, relaxed and motivated. I began looking forward to workout nights and when I missed classes I felt it in my body all week. Tanya invests in the whole person. She gives nutritional advice and health tips to optimize our success, and brings a light hearted and supportive energy to each class. Not before long, people began commenting on my ‘glow’ and health, when I thought only I could tell the difference. It is a great gift to be able to entrust her with my health and know she will guide me through to success. I would recommend Tanya to anyone who is looking for encouragement, expertise and results.” – S.K.

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