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I’m Tanya Otterstein-Liehs.
EMPOWERING Movement & Life Coach

Supporting and helping busy, moms with preteen to teenage kids, unlock, unleash and harness the tools that are already inside of YOU – giving you the necessary lift to become EMPOWERED without feeling guilty or letting YOUR fears and excuses stop you from becoming the woman you are meant to be.

Are YOU Ready to EMPOWER YOUR Life?


  • Stand tall with Self-confidence?
  • LOVE yourself when you look in the mirror?
  • Take crucial “ME” time every day?
  • Re-discover that Gorgeous, SEXY YOU? 
  • Change your mindset in order to make room for discovering the richness of self- empowerment?

Imagine the wanting and wishing no longer existing because YOU are actually living it NOW!

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Are YOU a woman – a wife, a mother? Then know you have arrived in the right place because I understand YOU’RE

  • Juggling the demands of a Career & Family
  • Constantly making Sacrifices
  • Experiencing daily Stress both at Work and at Home
  • Faced with never-ending Frustrations
  • Staring into your mirror and not liking who – YOUR Reflection – you have become

YOU’RE exhausted and everyone is taken care of and wants more of your “loving self”, yet the only person who isn’t getting any time for themselves is YOU.

But with a few Simple Tweaks, a Positive Outlook, my Motivation and Support, YOUR life will begin to change.  And Heck, if you need me to ‘Hold YOUR Hand’, I won’t say, “NO”. Whatever it takes, YOUR “I wish I had…” is going change to, “I LOVE MYSELF”. GUARANTEED!

YOU deserve to…

  • find your personal balance & groove again
  • make everyday choices uncomplicated & simple
  • leave your daily stresses a thing of the past
  • fuel your energetic and youthful YOU once again
  • repair your body hormone imbalances

Are YOU Ready to become EMPOWERED?

It’s not about making drastic lifestyle changes, it’s the baby steps in between – all that is required from YOU is,

  • YOUR Commitment to be Accountable
  • Meeting each Milestone with Pride
  • Acknowledging YOU are Important
  • Ready to take the necessary steps to Succeed

An Empowered YOU will translate to a,

  • Happier, smiling YOU
  • Happier Family
  • Healthier Family
  • Effective and Efficient output at work
  • Energetic younger self
  • Radiate self-confident YOU – believing in yourself first with a victory to the finish!

I was an active and athletic child growing up, but unfortunately over the years my level of activity declined, and certain life events left me feeling depressed, powerless, and unhealthy. I hadn’t succeeded through gyms or self-monitored attendance at local fitness centers. Then I learnt of Tanya, a fitness professional who could guide me through a total body workout would help. I was nervous to begin, but with Tanya’s welcoming, respectful, I felt energized, relaxed & motivated. My results were immediate. I look forward to my workout, nutritional advice, health tips, and supportive energy to optimize my success. People are commenting on my ‘glow’ and health when I thought only I could tell the difference. It is a great gift to be able to entrust Tanya with my health and know I will be guided to continued success. I would recommend Tanya to anyone who is looking for encouragement, expertise and results.” S.K

Who is Tanya…

I wasn’t always an Empowering Movement & Life Coach.  My first career began in child care.  My days were filled caring for and teaching children – never mind the daily nurturing I provided, there were numerous days I went home stressed and exhausted.  However, exercise was – and still is today – my saviour, my de-stressor – saviorthy alternative to preventing a burnout.

Following marriage and the birth of my own children, I came to a point in my life that I knew I needed a career change.

Becoming a Fitness Professional was the most natural choice.  It’s given me the opportunity to Listen, to Motivate, to Support, and has given women – JUST LIKE YOU – Permission & Power to take Action NOW; to make your important lifestyle choices your own – to make YOU Accountable.

And, BTW…

Don’t get me wrong, having a full-time career, attending to my kids lives and their extra-curricular activities, running a household (cleaning house, doing laundry, cooking, etc), and having a husband who has crazy work hours (did I mention we also have a dog who needs daily walks), I would be lying to you if I didn’t say that at times I feel so rushed, exhausted, need more hours in my day, and YES, I myself also get stressed – JUST LIKE YOU – but just like I tell all my clients and fitness participants – STOP what YOU are doing, close YOUR eyes (okay, maybe you can’t always close them), and take a moment to breathe in a few deep breaths; release YOUR stress and YOUR pressures. AH…peace. Even if it’s only for a few short moments – YOU’LL feel energized again and a feeling of calm will overcome YOUR body and mind.

And NOW comes the best part.

You know those days when you’re so frustrated and ready to shout and scream from the top of your lungs…do what I do…just look at your kids, perhaps they said something funny or told you that they love you, perhaps it’s their special hug they gave you or your husband simply giving you his caring, warm smile, maybe even a hug…acknowledge that, “I wouldn’t trade my life for anything else”.

I feel so much stronger and healthier now. I have learned that I can push my body much harder than I even thought was possible – I can do more than just a walk or use the machines at the gym.  I feeling younger – (like in my early 20’s) and have changed my eating habits – both at home and at work. I consume less sugary beverages, wine, beer, and drink a lot more water – My whole family is also healthier and we are finally eating better- I’ve even made limits for my kids on treats and sweets. My fridge is now full of fruit and veggies every week. I’m finding myself full of energy – booking outings like bike rides with my kids and fully enjoying them. Sharing my success with people, I’ve learned to no longer think about weight loss as much as I think and talk about lifestyle changes.” Robin

Oh, and did I mention I was diagnosed with BPPV (that’s Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) in December 2014 – I have a rare case because it stems from both ears (not fun). And if you or anyone you know has Vertigo, you’re already aware that things like stress and air pressures really sets it off. Therefore exercise is such a key element for keeping my stress levels at bay – keeping my Vertigo at bay.

So remember, whether you have 45-minutes or 5-minutes a day, YOU can fit movement and wellness choices into your everyday life.

That’s right. The fact that you decided to use your valuable time to stop by helps validate this. LOOK, I’d love for you to join me over an online chat to listen to you and personally meet you.  Book your CHAT HERE.

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