80’s Lifestyle and why Weight Loss was easier

80’s Lifestyle and why Weight Loss was easier



Looking back in the 80’s weight loss was easier and we lived a different lifestyle – including our workplaces, the way we ate – how and what we ate.

lunch boxStarting with the morning, you made sure you sat down at the kitchen table and ate a nutritious, wholesome breakfast at home. You made a homemade lunch, which usually consisted of a sandwiches, vegetables, and fruit. It was packed and ready to take with you to work or to school. Point number one – you took the time to eat a nutritious breakfast and packed a nutritious lunch to take with you.

Mornings didn’t feel too rushed, but rather felt enjoyable – waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day; greeting other family members and verbally talking to them (yes, you actually looked at your family members and spoke with them – can you image that!)

At school you hung around the cafeteria before classes began and actually spoke with each other instead of staring at your phones – I know you remember this – your parents usually went to work and began their day by always finding time to speak with co-workers. Point number two – you socialized face-to-face and had verbal communications with each other vs. typing on a keyboard or text that happens today – verbal communication equals less stressful and more socially enjoyable.

80's officeWorkplaces had lunch rooms and/or cafeteria’s that almost every staff member; co-worker and student used at lunch time. Yes, you actually took a lunch and ate it away from your desk and, if you worked in manufacturing you also did the same happened. Employers respected your lunch hour and it was the norm to actually take your lunch and eat it away from your workstation. Point number three – you ate a nutritious lunch away from your workstation and you actually took your allotted lunch.

1980's portionsNow, as far as what you ate, back in the 80’s your meals were more balanced and a lot smaller than they are today. Focusing on supper, think of your plate portions – on your plate was a 1/4 protein (usually meat), 1/4 potatoes or rice, and 1/2 vegetables – remember, 9/10 times your supper was homemade and didn’t come out of a box; wasn’t pre-packaged or frozen. Point number four – you ate a balanced homemade meal and consumed smaller portions.



80's obesidyLooking at your food in the 80’s vs. now, the number of toxifying pesticides sprays, GMO, and injected hormones has skyrocketed into the thousands. No one can tell me – prove to me – that all those toxins, GMO’s and hormones do not play havoc on your body! And don’t forget about pollution levels from the 80’s vs now – our Earth is toxic – it’s lead to a sick, diseased, and obese society. Point number five – you need to be aware and more conscious of what you are consuming.

Finally, I want to close this on a positive note. Do not throw out the notion that what you eat, how you deal with stress, and exercise is not important – it is!

You can be an informed food shopper – be educated and informed about what you are purchasing – what you are consuming. Support your local farmer who does not use pesticides on their fruit and/or vegetables, and whose livestock is antibody and hormone free.

Listen to your body and recognize the signs of stress. Take a moment to slow down, breathe, and lower your stress levels. Find your stress trigger points and ways to either prevent or positively deal with these trigger points (walk away or go on a power walk).

Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes, 3-days a week. Make conscious decisions about your everyday daily activity (use the stairs, walk to your co-worker’s desk vs email). Your mind and body will love you for this.

What are your thoughts – do you agree or disagree with my article? Please comment below.

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