A 7-day Healthy Approach To Stress

A 7-day Healthy Approach To Stress

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A 7-day Healthy Approach To Stress.

Different people get stressed for different reasons. A sporting event, obstacles of family life, kids activities, the pressures of work, other people, and relationships in general. This feeling of mild anxiety can cause different outcomes, even negative consequences.

Stress, is a normal human reaction, the body’s reaction to rising challenges and tough situations. We all encounters stress at some point in our lives but how we deal with it can make a great impact on our lives.

I believe a healthy approach to recognizing stress is taking a deep look inside ourselves and learning to recognize our triggers-realizing we are all human and not superheroes, we can only take on so much before it gets to us, begins to really impact our lives.

Healthy Approaches:

  1. Learn to Say “NO”: Imagine taking just one item off your ‘to do’ or ‘project’ list – how would that make you feel? Dedicating your time to creating one amazing, outstanding project that you’re proud instead of completing eight that you feel you could have done better at. It is OKAY to say NO—and that includes saying “NO” to your kids.
  2. Managing YOUR Time: Grab a calendar that has a daily time schedule and fill it in. For example, Monday 9am – 10am check emails, 10am – 11am follow-up with a team, 11am – 11:15am stretch, 11:15am – noon lunch, and so on. By doing this you will stay on track with your daily tasks instead of getting caught up in time wasting things (how much time flies by when you’re on those social media sites)
  3. Learn About Relaxation Techniques: Taking three…slow…deep…breaths or doing a ‘Cat-Cow” Yoga stretch can instantly bring down your stress level. And then there is fresh air. Step outside in the morning before work, for a few minutes during your break, and then again at the end of your day. Fresh air brings new life to our minds and brings about clarity.
  4. Exercise: This doesn’t strictly mean only a workout, it can be any form of exercise. Whether you choose to go for a walk, take the stairs at the office instead of using the elevator, or just simply walking to your co-worker’s desk instead of sending them an email, creates movement in your body, fresh new energy for your brain and reduces stress.

And finally, remember that dwelling on a negative issue, ignoring a problem, or binging will not help you deal with stress!

Try one small healthy approach for the next 7-days and see how it affects your stress level.

Grab a journal and every night before you go to bed write down how you are feeling since implementing this healthy approach.

Now if this 7-day healthy approach worked, keep doing it and begin implementing another one for the next 30-days, re-evaluate and continue on this path until your approaches become a ritual that helps decrease your stress levels – remember, whatever works best for you is what you need to follow.

Remember it can only be YOU who can be accountable for your own actions – a key ingredient missing in people lives today.

When looking at your lifestyle, getting healthier, exercise – the type, how often, how to performed; food – type, how often to eat, healthy balance; mindset – self-image, how to view life; stress – how you deal with it, get rid of it; support, and your own motivation and the other key ingredients. Without these, YOU will not achieve a healthy lifestyle nor a positive mindset (your thoughts).

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