6 Reasons Why Your Belly Refuses To Go Flat

6 Reasons Why Your Belly Refuses To Go Flat

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It’s been six-weeks now and you feel you’re doing everything right but your belly refuses to go flat.

 But I want you to really think about it – dig deep and ask yourself, “Am I really doing everything right?”  Did you know there are six tips to making results happen that you may very well have overlooked.   If you want to see your belly begin to become flatter, I suggest you continue to read this article.

How did you sleep last night?  Hopefully the required 6 – 8 hours sleep.  Did you know this is the recommended and required amount of sleep you need each and every night for your body to regulate your hormones such as your cortisol levels – the stress hormone.  When you are sleep deprived, your coritsol levels remain high and your body’s metabolism – its ability to burn calories shuts down.  And if you had a great workout, sleep assists your body with repairing your muscles you used during your workout – you did exercise right?

What exercises are you doing?  Are you spending hours on the treadmill or busy doing 100 sit-ups only to be frustrated because your belly looks the same?  While on the treadmill, are you busy watching the television’s; is your speed set at only 3-km/hour with no incline; are you breathing normal and able to hold a conversation?  To burn fat you need to raise your heart rate.  What do you think burns more calories, a 30-minute walk in the park or a 20-minute fast past walk or run, where you find yourself breathing heavy, it’s hard to hold a conversation, your heart rate is up and you are sweating – I think the answers rather obvious.  Oh, and those 100 sit-ups you keep crunching – how is your form and technique?  Remember, no matter how hard you work your abdominals, you will not see your strong abs before that layer of fat on top of them is removed.

How old are you?  It’s not a myth that the older you become, the more your metabolism slows down.  It begins when you turn 30-years old; then again at 40-years old with 55-years usually being the baseline of how your ‘fat’ furnace will continue to work.  Do you recall when you were in your twenties, exercising and eating whatever you wanted and you never seemed to put on weight – then you hit thirty – frustrated because you weren’t doing anything different, yet whatever you ate began showing up on your body – love handles began appearing and your bat wings began flapping; then you hit your forty and boom!  Now, I don’t want you to give up, because it is equally important you continue to exercise but your focus now needs to also include what and how often you eat.  Basically you need to feed your body every 3 hours with healthy balanced snacks and meals enabling your metabolism to keep working – keep burning no matter what your age.

What are you eating?  Think about your meals and snacks today – were they homemade, wholesome and healthy or purchased and processed?  What you put into your body will show outside on your body – namely your belly (but not forgotten are other body parts).  Perhaps you find yourself very busy and always on the go, when are you to find the time to cook a homemade meal – or so you think.  It really doesn’t take a lot of time to prep and cook a wonderful, healthy homemade meal.  And your snack – an apple with a few slices of cheese with some nuts or seeds, is better for your body and mind, than a muffin or donut from your local coffee shop or the bakery section of your grocery store.  Remember, although you may think your processed snack or meal is healthy (because the label says it is) this does not necessarily mean it is.

What exactly are unhealthy fats?  When you cook, what oil do you use?  Are your favourite crackers made with Palm oil; your frozen, pre-package food or your favourite packaged cookies labelled ‘no trans fats’?  Read the ingredients on the packaging – do you see that it contains hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil?  Here’s a visual for you – that white layer of fat that rises to the top of your meat soup once it reaches room temperature, would you take a spoon and eat it?  Probably not, however, each time you take a bite out of your cracker, cookie, or pre-packaged frozen meal that you love – you’re taking a bite from that layer of white fat on top of your soup.

How stressed are you?  You’ve heard it all over the news so no need to dive too deep into this.  Remember, learn to read your own body and recognize when you are feeling stressed.  Slow down, catch your breath and take a moment to release your pent up stress.  Try focusing on your breath – breathing in deeply through your nose and releasing each breath slowly through your mouth – repeat this three times.  And don’t forget your poor shoulders and neck – relax and release the stress you are holding in both your shoulders and your neck.  Stress causes numerous health issues; it slows down your metabolism; raises your coritsol, and makes you feel very tense.

So there you have it.  Six reasons why your belly refuses to go flat.  Approach each tip with new insight and on a new level of understanding.  Accomplish one tip at-a-time before moving onto the next.  However that said, remember what you eat, how often, and how you deal with stress can be considered one whole goal because they each have the most impact on your body. 

Good Luck and feel proud of yourself for taking these first steps!

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