5 Unusual Tips To Get You Into Shape, Stay Healthy And Live long!

5 Unusual Tips To Get You Into Shape, Stay Healthy And Live long!

youthful You’ve tried the latest fad diet, exercising, cutting back on food, limiting your alcohol consumption, and perhaps even stopped smoking (congrats), but still you are not seeing any changes.  Maybe you’re feeling worse than before, or are dragging your feet all day long.

 I want to touch base on some tips, you probably didn’t even think of, or can’t seem to image helping you achieve getting into shape, staying healthy, live long goals.

 Well, think again.

  1. laughing womenLaugh!  When was the last time you had a really good laugh-you know the one where your stomach hurts, tears are flowing from your eyes, and you have to pee!?  Something we can learn from children is remembering how to laugh-it’s the best medicine around.  NO cost, no mediation needed, just plain good old fashion laughter (http://bit.ly/1ueqZYe).  When we laugh we feel good inside, and feeling great brings about positive endorphins which created positive results.
  2. Feeling Young at Heart! Although your birth certificate may state your age as feeling young45, do you feel like 25 or 65?  Take a look around you; have you ever thought a person to be over 30 when in fact they were only 20, or the time you met someone thinking they were only 50 and it turns out they’re actually 69.  How we present ourselves to other people, and how we view ourselves can really set the tone in all aspects of your life (http://bit.ly/1Ep9FpH).
  3. Listen to your body! physicianThat little voice inside you is called your intuition; listen to it, specifically when it comes to your body.  If something doesn’t feel or seem right in your body and you haven’t had it looked at, go seek some medical advice.  That nagging joint, constant head pain, or aching limb needs be addressed (http://bit.ly/186l0h7).
  4. Get up and dance! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a favourite song, or danceenjoys a good melody.  You know what I’m talking about; you hear  a song on the radio and find yourself turning up the radio, moving your feet or fingers to the beat of the music, and/or you begin to sing.  Well, do more than this-get up and dance-okay, perhaps you can’t do this while driving in the car, or at work, but if you’re home, then move your body and let the beat bring out the joy your favourite song brings to you.
  5. stretchStretch! Your mind and body will love you.  To remain flexible is one simple, task that can be implemented into your daily routine.  Just remember to do it gently and ‘listen to your body’.  When you stretch you should not experience any pain, if so, then ease off.  You always need to go slowly and gently into a move.

Finally Hug!  It does feel good to get a hug or give someone a hug doesn’t it!  It puts a smile on my face and makes me feel good inside.

And there you have it.

I’m hoping these 5 Unusual Tips will help you on your journey.

Do you have any other tips you’d like to share?  I’d love to know by commenting below.

Have fun,




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