5 Tips on Walking for Exercise; a simple form of exercise.

5 Tips on Walking for Exercise; a simple form of exercise.


If you are very new to exercise or haven’t participated in any form of exercise for more years than you can remember, I highly recommend you begin with walking.  It is after all a natural form of movement that most of us were born to do – your body automatically knows how to move – most of us walk without needing to think about it.  And if you suffer from any form of arthritis, walking is a simple and very beneficial form of exercise for you to do.

  1. All the essentials that you really need is a good, supportive pair of running shoes, breathable clothing, and pending how far, how fast, and the temperature of your environment, a filled water bottle to stay hydrated.
  2. If you have a pedometer, then wear it as this will help encourage you to take a few more steps.  If your goal is set to take 10, 000 steps a day, then what better way to achieve this goal – walking can be your form of exercise.
  3. I encourage you to map out and/or know your distance before you head out.  This will help keep you on track and will assist you on those days you want to walk a set distance.  There are many free mapping websites especially made for walkers, and the great thing about these sites is they allow you to save your routes.  Extra bonuses, as your speed picks up, you beat your old times and can begin increasing your distance!
  4. As for listening devices, personally I am against wearing them.  The reason is because I want to be able to hear what is going on around me; to be able to listen to nature; and to be able to tune into, and listen to my own body.  Again, this is my own personal choice, and I believe it is a safe choice.
  5. Whether you walk on your own or bring along an exercise buddy, this is totally up to you.  But do remember it is very important you follow your goal.  If you are set on walking a specific distance within a specific amount of time, or you want to keep your ‘power’ pace, be sure that your exercise walking buddy is aware of this and agrees to keep up with you.  Remember, it is beneficial and perfectly alright to keep the goals you have set for yourself.

And finally (this is a given) remember to stretch, it’ll  make the difference between not being sore vs being sore later, it’ll help you become more flexible improving your walking gait, your pace, and simply put, your bodies ability to move.

So what’s stopping you from heading outdoors today, getting some beneficial exercise and taking in those wonderful sounds and fresh smells of fall?

I’d love to know what you think about walking as a form of exercise, your favourite walking places, and your thoughts by comment below.  Please share this blog with your friends by simply clicking on the share button. ©


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