5 Tips on How To Love Winter

5 Tips on How To Love Winter

winter    5 Tips on How To Love Winter

We cannot stop the winter or the summer from coming. We cannot stop the spring or the fall or make them other than they are. They are gifts from the universe that we cannot refuse. But we can choose what we will contribute to life when each arrives”-Gary Zukav

“MY Thoughts”, as expressed by Fitness Expert, Tanya Otterstein-Liehs

Everywhere I turn I am reading constant messages and hearing people say: 

  • “I’ve had enough of this winter!”
  • “I’m going to move to a warmer country!”
  • “Okay, enough now with winter!”
  • “Enough of this cold!”

Winter didn’t even come until the end of December!  (I live in Southern Ontario)

Personally I’m sick and tired of all this complaining and all these negative comments & thoughts!  And you know what, it’s those same people that complained last year about our summer:

  • “I’ve had enough of this rain!”
  • “We haven’t even had hot days”
  • “I’m off all summer and want to see a summer!”
  • “Enough of this rain!”

My 5 Tips on How to Love Winter come from my positive views on life.  Those who know me will tell you how I ‘preach’ to them about the importance of beginning and ending each day with gratitude– being thankful-for 1 to 5 things each day.

So here are my tips:

  1. Love and BE Thank-ful that you are blessed for having 5 senses!  (sight, sound, touch, smell & taste)  You are able to see the beauty of winter-how the snow glistens so beautiful-like millions of crystals; the unique crunching sound you can only hear when you step onto snow, or the crunching sound of an icicle as your kids take a bite (oh, come on now, it’s something we all do as kids);  the fresh feel of a winter wind blowing on our face while the sun shines and feels so warm AND comforting on our body; the smell of a wood burning fireplace reminding us of our childhood-when practically everyone had a wood burning fireplace in their home-sitting by it, watching the flames and being lost in our thoughts; as for taste-nothing comes close to the interesting taste of snow, just remember to stay away from the yellow snow.
  2. Love and enjoy the warmth of the sun!  Looking back over the last 3 1/2 weeks, we have had more sunny days than cloudy ones.  Does it not feel great when you have to pull out your ‘summer’ shades (sunglasses) because it is so bright outside!  Remember how you complained about all the rainy, cloudy days we had last summer-well reap the warm, bright, winter sun we’ve been experiencing.  And for the people that park their cars inside a parking garage while at work-park it outside; after work it’ll be so nice & warm inside from the sun shining on it all day (no need for complaining how cold you car is).
  3. Love and feel blessed for the fact you are able to walk.  I was very saddened the other day when I heard on the radio a young 20 year old man found suffering from hypothermia-they found him outside, lying on the ground beside his wheelchair-unfortunately they were not able to save him; or last year when I noticed a women with her dog on the sidewalk and she was not moving. It was winter.  She was in a wheelchair.  AS I drove by it struck me; I came to realize she was stuck.  By the time I found a road to turn into and park my car, someone else had just gotten there before me and was able to push her (her wheelchair) out of the snow she was stuck in.
  4. Love and be thank-ful for all your limbs?  Enjoy and love playing in the snow or partaking in winter sports.  It’s so much fun building snowmen, skating outside, and tobogganing (without helmets-if you live in Southern Ontario you’ll know what I mean) with family and friends.  If you visit our house you’ll currently be greeted with a snow hotel-built out of snow with long tunnels extending out representing the rooms, kitchen, lobby, and swimming pool!  There are so many fun winter activities you can experience in the winter that you can’t in warmer weather.  Last year we headed to South River, Ontario and partook in dog sledding.
  5. Love that you have a warm roof over your head; food to fill your stomach; family you love; clothes to cloth you?  Be Grateful!  Need I say more.

On a final note, no complaining about shoveling the snow!  It’s good old fashion exercise-strengthening your heart, working your muscles, getting fresh air, and increasing your positive endorphin’s!

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