5 Tips on How To Improve Your Fitness Level In 20-Minutes (Especially If You’re A Super Busy Woman)

5 Tips on How To Improve Your Fitness Level In 20-Minutes (Especially If You’re A Super Busy Woman)

Yes, it can be done. 

By following through with these simple 5-tips you will improve your fitness level in 20-minutes day; improving the health of both your body and mind. 





1.  Walk

 Are there stairs at your workplace?  Use them instead of an elevator or escalator-you will burn calories, your legs will get a workout, and your body will love you for simply getting up and moving.

work  2.  Hand deliver your work 

Instead of emailing or phoning your boss and co-workers, walk to their desk and hand deliver your work, projects and message.  Not only does this improve fitness levels, it builds camaraderie and creates a harmonious working environment between staff and employees.

images  3.  Walking meetings

Did you know your brain is more productive in fresh air and when you are active?  Forget about having your meetings inside a boardroom, get outside and discuss your agenda while walking.  Take advantage of the positive endorphins and the productive ideas that will be created.  Too cold outside, then meet at a community or fitness centre; not able to leave the workplace, then stand and move around during meetings instead of sitting in a chair.

images (1)  4.  Park your vehicle away from the front door

Those extra steps you take will burn calories, use leg muscle and increase your circulation.  Include speed walking from your car to the front door, up the stairs and through-out your workplace.

images (2)  5.  Wake up 30-minutes early 

Set your alarm 20-minutes earlier than your usual time-get out of bed, use your space available at home and complete a body resistance work.  This will increase your fitness level and positive energy flowing through your body and mind – ready and looking forward to take on the day.

One final tip that you may not even have thought of – pick out two different work outfits before you get ready for bed.  No more excuses for not working out in the morning or being able to include some form of movement (exercise) at work.

And there you have it.  Even when you lead a super busy life, you can still increase your fitness levels everyday using these 5-simple everyday tips.  ©





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