5 Simple Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

5 Simple Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

bathing suitNow that spring is here, do you find yourself looking in the mirror noticing that you have gained some weight over the winter?  Are you thinking you need to loose a few pounds and inches?  Do you want to look ‘sexy’ in your shorts and bathing suit? 

Or, perhaps you’ve been searching the internet on ‘weight loss’ solutions and have become extremely overwhelmed with a flood of information about the latest diet craze, secret magic pills, shakes, exercise fads, or best celebrity answers to weight loss. 

Now, if this is not you or you do not feel this way, then no need to continue reading and learning how to overall better your health.  

Your five healthy weight loss tips are here with an added bonus – they really are simple to follow and your body will thank-you – for beginning today and continuing to follow through into all tomorrows. 

lemonade-967591-sLemon Water & Green TeaBoth lemon water and green tea are full of beneficial antioxidants and they aid in fat loss.  Begin each morning drinking warm lemon water and loose green tea before breakfast to help signal both the beginning of your day and your journey to healthy weight loss.  BTW, did you know lemons contain pectin fibre, helping to keep you full longer and aid your body plumbing from getting all clogged up.

Hydration: Water is the necessity of life, a vital concept to survival, yet many are depleting their bodies of this simple valuable source.  Keep your body hydrated by drinking water though out your day.  If you do not like the flavour of plain water, add some lemon, lime, orange or cucumber wedges.  Keep a 750ml or 1 Litre stainless steel water bottle beside you and make a mental note of drinking from it throughout your morning, so that it’s empty by lunch.  Then at lunch refill your water bottle and make sure it is empty by the time you are finished work.  Finally fill your water bottle once again before you leave work, or when you get home and consumed it all at least 2 hours before you go to bed.  Why the two-hour rule you ask, well, if you have to constantly get up throughout the night to empty your bladder, so much for your needed sleep, and so much for wanting to hydrate your body!

nachos-1424433-sPre-packaged Snacks:  Buyer beware.  Although a pre-package snack may be labelled as healthy, you need to get into the habit of reading labels.  Advertisements are notoriously known for false claims to lour consumers into buying their products.  Have you ever picked up a product that claims to be ‘fat free’ yet when you read the label it contains partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated fats (namely palm-oil)?  And we all know this type of fat is the most unhealthiest and dangerous type around.  What about the sugar or salt content; what exactly is natural flavouring; how many ingredients are there and can you even pronounce them?  Carefully consider what a serving size is.

80/20 Rule:  When you are eating, are you paying attention to what you are eating, how your body is feeling and its signals?  When consuming food enjoy the flavours and the whole eating process.  Tune into how your body feels as you are eating followed by how it feels within one hour of eating.  Do you feel stuffed, gorged, bloated or can you not seem to move because you ate too much?  Eat only until you feel 80% full – the other 20% pertains to still feeling comfortable as you sit, having breathing room and not needing to loosen your belt or open a button on your pants.

Exercise:  No need to elaborate here as everyone knows the numerous benefits of including exercise into your weekly routine.  However, did you know that having a good workout – the kind where you sweat and your heart rate is up – for as little as 30 minutes, 3 days a week will help lead to healthy weight loss.  No need to panic and stress yourself out trying to find time to exercise for an hour, five days a week.

So there you have it; five simple, healthy tips on weight loss.

If this is all new to you, may I suggest you begin with two steps.  Achieve them for 30 straight days before you include another tip.  This will make it even more simplified and will help lead you to success!

And who doesn’t want success and to feel better over all!

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