5 Simple Tips on How to find Important Time as a Parent

5 Simple Tips on How to find Important Time as a Parent


As promised, at the end of last week’s blog, I said I would write about making important “ME” time this week.

But before I begin, if you recall, last week I wrote 5-tips on how to deal with Back to School stress.  Did you accomplish a tip?  How was the first ‘back-to-school’ week in your household?

Now where was I?  Oh yes.  If you like guidance tips, you’re in luck as this is how I am going to format today’s blog.

  1. time scheduleGet a Schedule Calendar: Take a look at your calendar and pick a time frame that you are going to dedicate to yourself and write it down in this calendar.  Now, when I say ‘yourself’, I don’t mean to do laundry, clean house, or water the plants (although when I water my plants, I find it really relaxing and grounding), what I mean is doing something for yourself which will benefit your health, mind, and spirit.  This hour – or if you’re short on time, 30 minutes – is time dedicated to exercise – a fitness class, walk, run, bike ride – journal writing, stretching (although stretching always follows a workout), just make sure it is all about you – yes, you are allowed to think about yourself you know!


  1. Remain Flexible: If you have something come up that you forgot about (yes this happens to us all in our busy lives, this is the reason I recommend a paper schedule calendar that is visible and you write everything down in it) make sure to still dedicate your “ME” time during a different time frame and/or slot for that day – hence the flexibility.  Perhaps while supper is cooking on the stove, use these 30 – 60-minutes instead; once the kids are in bed, use this time to dedicate to yourself (no this doesn’t mean watching the tv or sitting in front of a computer, these will not benefit you); or use your lunch hour at work – that’s my next point.


  1. cb0f0eb1-dd12-4a73-aab2-306417841c29Use your lunch hour: When did your lunch time at work become work time?  Looking back, everyone used this time to eat lunch in a lunch room, converse with co-workers, and/or go for walks, but with the implementation of computers in the workplace, people have the notion they need to continue to work and eat their lunch at their workstation.  Remember, this is a time that your employer has to legally give you and it is meant for you!  Go on a walk, form a walking group with other co-workers, or better yet, have me come in to run an exercise class or run a walking group – this way you know you will find no excuses not to use your lunch time for you, or hire me to run my Workplace Wellness Program.


  1. Fit in exercise – movement – throughout your day: If you drive a vehicle, park far away from the front door – this everyday walk will help improve your health (use this rule for work and shopping).  Do you have stairs at work – then use them instead of the elevator.  And then there is message sharing with co-workers – instead of emailing them, stand up and walk over the message.  Oh, your phone is ringing, stand up and walk around while you are talking on it.  Your body will thank you and benefit from fitting in these very simple walking – movement – tips.


  1. 7bea3cf4-8aa1-45f3-a431-6d1222a3cbc5Find an exercise buddy: When you join a gym or fitness class, find someone to go with you – you can support each other.  Chances are you do not want to disappoint each other (it’s our thought processes as women), so you are more likely to dedicate these schedule times to your exercise regime.  For example, if your child is involved with sports, use this practice time to exercise, go on a power walk with another parent or two (remember the walking group I talked about).  And you can always join my fitness classes because I hold you accountable; if you do not show up to class, I contact you the next day to see where you were.


My recommendation is to follow these tips for 30-days before you decide to give up and quit because studies have shown something take 30-days to become routine.


hw coachingFinally, if you’re still struggling, did you know I offer customized on-line programs with SKYPE and/or Google Hangout conversations?  These are especially great if you travel a lot or do not have a vehicle.


As for next week’s blog, I think it would be a good idea to touch upon the topic of food and false labeling.


Have a great week and remember, I always value your comments and your feedback on what works for you in finding important “ME” time. ©

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