5-Simple Steps to Making Goals Happen

5-Simple Steps to Making Goals Happen

5-Simple Steps to Making Goals Happen

A week where you have time for yourself. To destress, to exercise, to achieve a goal, to finally do something you want.

This is possible. All it takes is a little scheduling and some accountability. By following these 5-simple steps, you will see this happen – your goals happen.

1. Decide why you want to achieve your goal.

Write down the reason’s why you want to achieve your goal. Think about how you will feel when you achieve/reach your goal vs how you will feel if you do not achieve your goal. Ask yourself how your life will change when you reach your goal vs. how your life will remain if you do not move forward and reach/achieve your goal- remaining stuck. For example, why do you want to begin exercising? How will you feel once you begin exercising vs how will you continue to feel if you do not begin to exercise? How will your life change – your mind, health, and body – when exercise becomes part of your routine vs. how your life will continue to be if you do no exercise, continue being stuck, only hoping to change?

2. Be accountable and committed to achieving your goal.

Write down your short and long-term goal and place this list where you will see and read it every day – on your fridge or mirror. When you visually see your goals every day, you will become more accountable and committed to taking the necessary steps needed towards achieving them. You can only go so far on wishing and thinking. It’s your own commitment and accountability that will make your goal happen. If your goal is to begin exercising because it will give you more energy, and help you lose weight, then write this down. Your necessary accountable step will be to exercise for 30-minutes, 3-days per week.

3. Set and schedule your goals into your calendar.

Take your calendar and mark in an appointment labeled ‘ME TIME” every week. Acknowledge how important this appointment is and do not allow yourself to cancel it – NO excuses. Would you cancel an important doctor, dentist, lawyer or hair appointment? Probably not, so why would you cancel your own important appointment. Knowing you need to exercise at least 30-minutes, 3-days a week, you are going to block off and highlight 30-minutes on Saturday, 30-minutes on Tuesday, and 30-minutes on Thursday. Label these 30-minute block times as your “ME TIME” or “EXERCISE TIME”. It’s your important appointment for yourself.

4. Seek support and motivation.

Do you have a support system in place? Someone or something that will help keep you motivated, especially for those ‘excuse’ days? You don’t want to admit it, but you do need support and motivation to assist you and help you to stay on track towards achieving your goal. Share with your family and your friends your goal of exercising 3-days a week. Seek an exercise buddy and achieve your goal together. Continue sharing your achievements and progress with them every week. Your ‘cheerleaders’ will celebrate with high fives and celebratory words. Tell them what your 3-workouts were and how you feel – you’re sleeping like a baby, having so much energy, the clothes in your closet are getting too big, you have more patients are becoming a better parent.

5. Visualize your goals.

Finally, taking the above steps are necessary to make your goal happen, but equally important is actually visualizing the end result of your goals. You need to internally envision your goal happening. You need to feel the emotions of achieving your goal. You need to visualize the steps you are going to take to achieve your goal. Look in the mirror and see yourself as you are now. Then sit down and visualize yourself doing your 30-minutes of exercises on Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday, the type of exercises and what you are wearing. Do this every week. 30-days from now, look in the mirror again and acknowledge how you have changed. Your skin is glowing, you no longer look tired, your body is trimmer and you are wearing a smaller clothing size.

So you see, you can make time for yourself.

30-days ago you couldn’t imagine finding time for yourself. Finding time to exercise, you were stressed, and you were worried last year’s summer wardrobe would be too small to wear this year.

You never thought your goal would be achievable. But it is.

Grab your calendar and pick a day and time that works for you to talk to me about setting up a coaching program that works for you.  I’ll be your accountability partner and have you reach your goal.

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