5-reason’s why New Year’s Resolutions rarely work.

5-reason’s why New Year’s Resolutions rarely work.

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A couple of weeks ago, thousands of people joined a gym or purchased a new fitness gadget with good intentions.

However, if you have never stuck with an exercise program/routine before, how can a New Year’s Resolution make a difference?

YOU must remember for success to occur, it goes far beyond making a decision overnight – okay, maybe it wasn’t overnight – maybe your New Year’s fitness resolution came to you sometime during the month of December.

So, as I wrote in my title, here are five reason’s why fitness resolutions rarely work.

gym membership1. NEW Gym Membership:
A lot of gym’s aren’t set up to engage, empower, or motivate most newbies. New members are usually too shy to ask someone – a personal trainer – for help and direction. Think way back when you learned how to drive a car. Did you just get behind the wheel and begin driving? NO, you took steps to learn how to maneuver the car, learned the basics on how a car works, learned the rules of the road, practiced your driving skills and you were given instructions by someone – perhaps a driving instructor. It was only then that you were successful and able to obtain your driver’s license. The Same principal applies for learning about fitness. Hire a professional – a certified personal trainer who can show and educate you on proper techniques, cue you on form, guide you on what you need to do in order for you to obtain your wanted results.

IMG_71362. Personal trainer’s are not equal:
This is such an important point. The trainer you select needs to be specialized in what you seek and relatable to you. I know, an explanation is needed here. Okay, let’s say you are a 43-year old woman who works, has children, feels stressed and limited on time. It’s been years since you exercised (or perhaps you’ve never exercised before), and you want to begin eating healthier. Now, here are your 3-personal trainer choices – a young, 20-something-year-old male and/or female trainer; a trainer who is a bodybuilder; or a 45-year old woman trainer who experiences the same things you do yet still takes care of herself? Do you see what I mean? If your personal trainer can relate to the same life experiences you do, you are more likely going to stick with a new program and your new exercise routine. Make sure your personal trainer is specialized (niche) to what you are seeking/wanting to achieve. And definitely, make sure they are listening. Your personal trainer needs to guide you and help you with what you want, not what they think you want or should need.

walking3. Fitness is more than exercise:
To master fitness, YOU need to realize this goes far beyond just a physical state, it’s more about mastering your mental state. If you’re not ready to take all the steps needed towards including exercise – fitness – into your weekly routine, then no amount of wishful or hopeful thinking is going to get you there. You must realize fitness needs to be a part of your lifestyle.
If fitness is very new to you, then begin by making one small manageable change at a time that contributes to healthier living. For example, you can walk before or after work, and if you drink pop all day, limit it to 1/day. Follow through with writing down your progress every day and track it for a month to see how you are doing. Remember, if you can’t walk seem to walk for 20 minutes at least 2 days/week, and it’s free from home, then there is no sense in spending $600/year on a gym membership.

Which brings me to point number four.

burger4. Fitness needs to become a Lifestyle, not just a Resolution:
Exercise has to be part of your weekly routine. You need to schedule it into your calendar a minimum of 2-days/week (of course, 3+-days is better) and YOU need to include healthy, balanced eating. I mean, what good is it to have an awesome workout, only to turn around and hit the nearest fast food restaurant, down a greasy burger, deep fried french fries, and slurp away at a pop (and don’t even give me the excuse about it being a ‘diet’ pop – which is full of artificial, cancer causing sweeteners). Then, once you get home, you sit down and waste away time – hours – sitting in front of the computer or television screen. Perhaps you begin mindless eating and before you know it you’ve finished a whole bag of potato chips or a whole container of ice cream.

accountability5. Accountability: If you aren’t being accountable to yourself or someone else – certified personal trainer – then no amount of wishful thinking (Resolution) is going to get you achieving YOUR goals! If you have a work project due on a certain date, then you are accountable and go out of your way to make sure it is complete and handed in or presented to your boss, your client, on time, yet do you do this with your own fitness? Your Resolutions? For most of you, the answer is likely “NO”. I’ve spoken with a lot of parents who will miss their child’s extra-curricular activities and events due to work (projects are due, they’re working on reports, etc), yet when it comes to exercise, to fitness, I hear the same excuse all the time, “Oh, I can’t join that exercise class”, or, “I just don’t have time to exercise”, because “my son/daughter has their – sport – practices that day”. How come you have no issues with missing these activities due to work, but you have excuses when it comes to taking better care of yourself?! You use your child’s activities as an excuse, not to exercise.

So remember, for success to occur, it goes far beyond making any kind of decision overnight.

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