30 Day Challenge for March

30 Day Challenge for March

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  • Do you take your cell phone with you everywhere?
  • Driving and you realize you left your cell at home, do you turn around and head back home to get it?
  • Sitting down to eat is your cell beside you-checking it, talking on it, texting?
  • Take it with you to the bathroom?  Use it while using the facilities?

Personally I think the last point is pretty disgusting, but there’s been numerous occasions when I’ve walked into a public bathroom, and hear someone talking yet there is only one other person in a stall–or there’s silence when suddenly a cell phone rings and a person in the stall beside me answers their phone.

Did you know that It’s been proven through many studies that public bathroom locks & doors are full of bodily fluids-yes-every kind!  Now, picture this-the lock handle you just touched with your hand is fully covered with this ‘bacteria’, that same hands touches your phone, and probably your face!  (are you cringing yet?)

Now, where was I?  Okay, If you answered ‘YES’ to any one of the above bullet points  (BTW- for your convience, I have provided a “March 2015 Calendar” for you).

Your calendar is the key to success.  

It’s your daily-visual tracker, keep it where you will see it everyday.  

We, as human beings, need to visually see success in order to stay on track. 

How many meals do you have with your phone beside you?  Whether at home, a restaurant, the lunch room or at a friend’s home.

Do you ignore your phone, or is it ‘glued’ to your life?  Is it an ‘unconscious’ distraction.

This is your 30 day Challenge:

Time to do Human Socializing and NOT Cell Socializing

  • Actually talk, communicate and interact with someone who is at your table; family, friends, acquaintance, co-worker; NO talking on your cell
  • During your conversation, give 100% of your focus to the person(s) you are with, NOT 50 to them and 50 to your cell
  • Share life experiences and discuss the interesting things that are happening in your life; NO sharing your newest app or latest post on a social media site
  • Ask everyone at the table to also turn off their cell phone, share this respect with one another 

Remember what it was like BEFORE cell phones! 

  • People went out together, had a good time, and didn’t worry about missing any phone calls, texts, or emails because they were having so much fun spending time with the people around them!
  • Families sat down together during meals and had real conversations about their day, what happened at school and work, and what they were looking forward to doing!
  • Family and/or personal vacations were exactly that; when you were gone on holidays, you were not reachable, you spent time having fun, and didn’t think about, worry, or do work!

I think you get my point.

Now for each day you follow through with Human Socializing, write it down on your calendar-draw a big smiley face on the date; place a sticker on the date; colour it in with a bright marker-make a point of emphasizing these days as an important achievement towards your 30 Day Challenge. 

By the end of the month, I want you to take a look at your calendar and look back at how great you felt when you just turned off your cell and enjoyed human contact and human socializing before it becomes a lost skill—a lost art!

I’d love to know how your Challenge went by commenting below.

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