3 Tips on Your Journey to Weight Loss

3 Tips on Your Journey to Weight Loss

600 Calories   Are you currently on a journey to loose weight?  And after weeks of seeing some results, everything has just come to a halt.  You’re probably frustrated because you’re not doing anything different that you can pin point.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone and just need to re-evaluate your weight loss journey; yes, weight loss is a journey, it doesn’t happen overnight.

 Here are 3 Tips on what to ask yourself; what to avoid. 

1.  Ask yourself how much are you eating – more than you think?

If you’ve joined any kind of popular diet franchises serving sizes is a ‘paid for’ service (usually done in measurements), but without this service you will tend to eat more than you realize – ‘just one more bite’.  IF you have no concept of what a proper serving size looks like (and restaurants heap your plate with food) then you will consume more food (1 true serving size for you becomes equal to 2 or 3) then your body really needs to sustain itself.

Make sure to have a clear picture in your mind, or use a picture guide, to what a serving size looks like.  This tip will help you track the amount of food you are eating, and keep you on your weight loss journey to success.  Remember, eating more than your body needs will add on weight, not help you in losing it.

Here’s a great visual guide to what a serving sizes looks like:

  • A serving size for meat (3 oz.) looks like a deck of cards
  • A serving size of carbohydrates (1 cup) looks like a tennis ball.

Please note:  No limit on (size restrictions) non-starchy and low glycemic vegetables; they are full of beneficial nutrients; limit the impact on your blood sugar; and here’s the best part, there’s no need for calorie counting.

2. Ask yourself how often are you eating – when was your last meal and/or snack?

Do you stick with the “three meals a day” plan?  Did you know to succeed with your weight loss journey, and to maintain a balanced body, you need to aim at eating 5-6 meals every day.  By meals I mean 3 healthy, balanced meals with 2 or 3 healthy, balanced snacks in between.  By following this pattern, your body’s metabolism will be running smooth and you’ll have a lot of energy.

Three thoughts for you:  Do you want to move like a sloth, or gracefully like a gazelle; think of your body as your car—a smooth, clean running motor sounds so sweet and runs beautifully.

Not into cars or animals?  Then know that by having your metabolism constantly breaking down food (digesting food), you will burn more calories.  By balancing your body with more frequent meals, your blood sugar will be stabilized, ultimately resulting in hunger signals decreasing and your urges for grabbing that chocolate bar and/or sugar laden food seems to disappear.  Now have I given you a reason to re-think & re-evaluate the importance of eating 5 – 6 meals/day (balanced meals + balanced snacks).

3.  Are you consuming your calories with liquids or with real food- is it becoming a habit to consume shakes over meals?

Do you tend to ‘eat’ your meals in liquid form?  Consuming too many “healthy” diet smoothies, protein shakes, and/or popular “weight loss” shakes?  Remember, placing restrictions on your body by consuming liquid meals instead of real food is not helping you.

Take a look at the ingredients, specifically the sugar content.  And here you thought you were turning to a healthy alternative over food.  Shakes are sold on emotions and wants.  It’s a marketing technique to attract customers, why do you think they’re making millions of dollars a year.  The high sugar content in shakes will cause a spike in your blood sugar, increasing your energy rush, then it’s followed by a crash (body releases insulin to control your blood sugar rise) You want to avoid these dramatic sugar rushes (insulin levels) because it effects your hormone levels—which of coarse effects your overall health and ability to lose, and maintain, a healthy weight.

What about the fiber content in that shake?  I’m guessing it’s really low.  And I don’t have to tell you how beneficial fiber is; it keeps you full & satisfied, not to mention your plumbing moving (there’s nothing worse or more frustrating than a plugged toilet, no pun intended!).   So instead of drinking that ‘flavoured’ strawberry smoothie, why not take a bite out of the real raw, sweet & juicy strawberry (is your mouth watering).

Finally there is the calorie count.  Your favourite shake and/or smoothie can contain the same amount of calories as 2 pounds of bananas.  Imagine sitting down and eating 2 pounds of bananas in one sitting.  I know I couldn’t do it, however if you just drank a 16 oz smoothie (average serving size), then congrats, you just consumed the same amount of calories as those bananas.  And to top it off, remember I just talked about fiber; since your smoothie lacks in fiber content, time yourself to see how long it takes until you’re hungry again—I wouldn’t be too surprised if it’s within the next hour.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do rather enjoy my HOMEMADE smoothie in the morning.  Here’s the key, it’s homemade, nothing artificial is added, just fresh fruit, greens, plain yogurt, seeds, almond milk, coconut oil, and sometimes protein power,  I am consuming a lot of nutrition & fiber.  This is where the healthy difference lays.

I hope I have left you something to think about.

How would you prefer to eat?  Liquids or real, healthy food?

I’d love to know by commenting below.


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