3 Tips on what to Avoid on Your Weight Loss Journey

3 Tips on what to Avoid on Your Weight Loss Journey

fitness weight lossDo YOU know what to avoid on YOUR weight loss journey?
Are there times when YOU are on your weight loss journey and it seems to come to a halt?
YOU are routinely exercising, yet YOU hit a plateau where days or weeks go by and your scale has not moved – it’s downright frustrating!

Did YOU know there are specific patterns that cause your weight loss goal to come to a halt?
Here are 3-of these specific patterns, what to avoid.

portions1) Are YOU are eating more than you think you are?
Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and other diet systems have one defined system – how large an actual “serving” is. Most people underestimate the huge amount of food they eat and consequently, underestimate the number of calories consumed each and every day.

When you know what a serving size or “portion” of food looks like, you can better estimate the amount of food you should be eating with each meal. Also, be consciously aware of what you are eating, the amount and kind of calories you are consuming – include what you are drinking.

Eat as many vegetables as you want- specifically non-starchy vegetables – they are stock full of beneficial nutrients and contain very little in the way of calories. Please note – it is best to eat carrots raw, and before your evening meal as their natural sugar levels -glycemic levels – are fairly high.

alarm clock2) Are YOU eating frequently enough?
Do YOU eat only 3-meals a day? Did you know for weight loss to occur, and for your overall health, you need to eat more frequent. YOU need to consume 5 – 6-meals, including snacks, every day. By doing so, your metabolism works and your body burns food, as opposed to not eating – you ‘reserve’ food and it is stored as fat (body reserving for energy).

Frequently eating healthy food maximizes your metabolism, because your body is busy, burning calories by digesting your food. By not letting too much time pass between meals, your blood sugar levels are stabilized and never really get the chance to drop. Keeping your insulin levels stable, minimizes your cravings for sugar – your hunger pains -and will decrease YOUR chances of overeating at your next meal.

smoothie3) Do YOU choose to drink your meals – your calories – instead of actually eating them?
This is a very common mistake for people attempting to lose weight due to all the abundance of “healthy” diet smoothies, protein concoctions, and weight loss shakes. There are 2-important factors to keep in mind when consuming your liquid meal replacements.

Did YOU know many liquid diet shakes and smoothies on the market, have an abundance of sugar in them? Sugar causes an immediate surge in energy followed by a huge crash due to the release of insulin to control your blood sugar rise – think afternoon slump, your cravings for sugar, caffeine, and carbohydrates like donuts, cookies, pastries, etc. For both weight loss goals and for health reasons, this dramatic shift in your blood sugar levels (insulin levels) is something you need to avoid.

BTW, did you know most weight loss shakes basically contain no fibrous material (think edible peels)? Fiber is a beneficial carbohydrate and needed for you to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle – especially when it comes to weight loss. It helps you feel full and decreases the rise in your insulin levels when sugar hits your bloodstream. A smarter, more beneficial strategy is to actually eat your fruits (and vegetables) instead of only consuming them through your fruit smoothie.

Lastly, the number of calories in your shake or smoothie can be far greater than the equivalent of actual food. For example, your 16 oz fruit smoothie may contain as many as 600 calories, and will not fill you up all that much! Can you image sitting down and eating 600 calories of fruit all at once? That’s the equivalent of 2-lbs. of bananas!

So, I want YOU to really think about it.

Do you know your serving/portion sizes? When you make major dietary changes, do YOU get the most out of your calories? What are the calories you are consuming made of? How many calories are YOU consuming?

Wouldn’t you rather fill up on real food, rather than drink something which will spike your insulin (sugar) levels, be full of empty calories, and have you hungry again soon after?

Sometimes the easiest way to get on track is to begin with a small “challenge”.  A challenge that also supports and keeps us motivated!  Are YOU Ready?
Here is your FREE 15-day Challenge.  I personally did this challenge myself and I am sharing with you, my many recipes, tips, support, and motivation to get you to the finish line SUCCESSFULLY.  And remember, I’ll always here – your unlimited email and SKYPE support!



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