3 Habits for Weight Loss, Becoming Lean and Losing Body Fat.

3 Habits for Weight Loss, Becoming Lean and Losing Body Fat.

Are you trying to lose weight but numbers on the scale are not changing?  Your clothes still fit the same, they’re not getting too big?  Your belt buckle is still stuck on the last hole?  Or are you still too embarrassed to tuck in your shirt?

You’re most likely frustrated because you are exercising for over an hour almost everyday; your store bought pre-packaged snacks are labelled ‘healthy’; you’ve changed your eating habits; but nothing is budging!  

Time to re-evaluate!

happy bcExercise:  That’s great you are doing cardio as it essentially strengthens your heart, but if your goal is weight loss, decrease in body fat percentage and losing a few inches, you need to include weight training.  When you work out with weights, you become leaner because (here’s the best part) the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn – even while resting!

Ask yourself, “When I exercise am I challenging myself or am I repeating the same old exercises?”  Could you close your eyes and your muscles would know what to do?  That’s muscle memory, nothing to celebrate – your body is no longer working, you’re probably no longer sweating –you will not produce any results.

How long are you exercising?  Weight loss exercises can be achieved in as little as twenty-minutes, three-days/week; remember, it’s the type and the challenge that overall leads to your weight loss goal.

great lunchHealthy Snacks:  There are true healthy snacks, and there are so called false assumption ‘healthy’ snacks.  When you open your fridge and your cupboard, what snacks do you see?  Do they grow on trees or in the ground; come from an animal; made from something produced by animals; made by all-natural ingredients?  Or, are they made in a facility that uses artificial ingredients; contains loads of sugar, including artificial; or has more than 5 ingredients?  Just because something is labelled healthy or makes claims to be healthy doesn’t mean it is – I love labels that read ‘contains real fruit juice’ or ‘natural flavouring’ (I’m kidding when I say ‘love’) – this does not mean they are healthy!

Get into the habit of reading labels – take a look at the sugar and sodium content; what is a serving size – now calculate and consider the sugar and salt content in that granola bar you are about to eat.  What is stopping you from taking 20 or 30 minutes and making home made ones that contain only five pure ingredients?

Some examples of yummy true healthy snacks are:  plain yogurt mixed with fruit and nuts (provided you’re not allergic to nuts), veggies and hummus, or an apple with a few slices of cheese and seeds.  Notice how they come from the earth or animals – nothing artificial or processed!

portionsPortion Sizes:  When you eat, are you paying attention to how much you are eating – your portion sizes?  Remember, when you focus on eating three well-balanced main meals with two or three snacks in-between, you feel more satisfied.  Gone will be the days where you’re starving and ready to ‘eat like a horse’!  Did you know a true serving size of pasta is ¼ cup dry pasta – before it is cooked; that’s a lot less than what most people eat for their meal.

Take a look at your plate and do a visual breakdown; divide your plate into quarter- sections.  Half your plate needs to be filled with vegetables, ¼ is your meat or meat alternative, and ¼ other food source.  Example:  Broccoli and carrots (½ veggies), one chicken breast (¼ meat – the size of my palm), and rice or a small potato (¼ other).

Get into the habit of following these three tips and you should begin to see some positive body changes occur over the next two weeks.  ©


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  1. Developing good habits are essential for weight loss and becoming lean. I especially like that you let your readers understand the importance of resistance training to become lean and lose body fat. Great article, thanks for sharing. Best Regards, Wendy

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