3 Biggest Common Misconceptions to Loosing Your Belly Fat

3 Biggest Common Misconceptions to Loosing Your Belly Fat



It’s no secret that both men and women look for ways of reducing their belly fat.  But what and how you do it are often misunderstood. 

 A week goes by and frustration sets in because you are not seeing any results.  You don’t understand because you’re not eating a lot, you’re doing 100 crunches everyday, and you’re going to bed earlier. 

Time to break down these common misconceptions and understand why they will not lead you to loosing your belly fat.

You’re not eating a lot:  Does that mean you are starving yourself?  Do you find your belly rumbles and grumbles constantly throughout the day?  When was the last time you ate?  Not feeding yourself will not help you loose your belly fat.  In order for your metabolism to run like a smooth running furnace, you need to feed it.  Think about a fire – if you do not supply it with enough fuel and oxygen it burns out and dies.  Eating three balanced meals/day with another two-to-three snacks keeps your metabolism working and its ability to burn food – calories – for energy.  Now, it’s also equally important to remember to not over-feed the fire either.  If you place too much wood on the fire – for example – the fire becomes smothered, goes out, and you’re left with smoke.  By feeding your body too much, what is not used is stored and deposited onto your belly and other parts of the body.

What you feed your body will also make a difference on whether it is stored or used to fuel your body.  Wood and paper burns wonderfully in a fire, while foil does not, it just sits there.  Eating a lot of sugar, processed foods that are filled with hydrogenated and partially-hydrogenated fats, not to mention to countless other ‘scientifically’ termed ingredients and additives, will only be stored on your body – they’re rather foreign and it takes a lot to break them down or worse yet, your body is not able to break them down, and like the foil in the fire, they will just sit there in and on your body.  Start collecting this ‘foil’ and soon you’ll have a whole bag full.

You’re doing 100-crunches everyday:  Crunches alone will not reduce your belly fat; No matter how many abdominal exercises you do, it there is a layer of fat sitting on top, then you will not see your defined abdominal muscles.  And remember, if you are tugging on your neck instead of using your abdominal muscles when performing your crunches, there is no way you will be strengthening and working your abs.  Instead you will only be causing strain on your neck and your back.

Again, it’s what you eat and how often that will lead to loosing your belly fat, and once you do this, you will see your belly become flatter, and defined.

You’re going to bed earlier:  Great, but what is earlier?  Is it 11:30PM instead of 1:00AM?  But yet, you need to get up by 5:00AM.  Do you eat just before you go to bed?  Without at least 6-hours sleep, and by eating right before you go to bed, will not lead you to loosing your belly fat.

Your body needs at least 6-full hours of sleep to repair itself, to keep your cortisol levels balanced, and to function properly.  Think of your body as a car, when you take care of it, it runs smoothly – however, do not take care of a car and it begins to break down, lots of repairs are needed before it runs smoothly and efficiently again.

By eating right before bed, your body does not have the energy to be burning and breaking down your food into energy, it’s in rest and repair mode.  Instead your food will be slowly digested and stored on your body.  Ask yourself – have you ever eaten right before bed, something that’s especially high in carbohydrates, and wake up feeling very tired; like you’ve been hit by a truck?  Your body’s been working hard trying to digest your food instead of focussing on repairing and resting.  Point made.

So there you have it, three of the biggest common misconceptions to loosing belly fat.  Hopefully you will change these habits and begin making some simple changes that will assist you with your journey to loosing your belly fat.  


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