Overeating. Who hasn’t been there!?

Overeating. Who hasn’t been there!?

Overeating. Who hasn’t been there?! You know, when you just keep on eating; not listening to YOUR body signals to stop eating; and you end up feeling like crap! OVEREATING. If YOU listen to YOUR body and really pay attention to, What you are eating How it really tastes The speed you’re eating …you will realize¬†when you are 80% full. The 80% – 20% Rule of How YOU Eat is what I’m covering today. And how to ensure you do not continue to overeat. I’d love you to message me if I can answer any questions you have on exercise, […]

Are YOU following the 80% – 20% Rule of what YOU’RE eating?

Do YOU eat 80% Healthy or 20% Healthy? Sure, it’s okay to occasionally enjoy a piece of birthday cake, as I did yesterday for my dad’s birthday, and boy was it YUMMY! But, do YOU eat chips, cookies, chocolate bars, fast food every day – 80% of the time? YOU need to re-evaluate¬†your lifestyle if this is true!

Are YOU Hydrated?

    https://secure.scheduleonce.com/tanyaottersteinliehs Are YOU Hydrated? Signs of dehydration: YOU are Thirsty YOUR lips are chapped YOUR skin is dry YOU feel sluggish YOUR pee is yellow – deep or brownish – and NOT clear Do YOU drink enough every day? That can be a very tough questions! I’m giving YOU the Hydration Calculation TODAY! Remember, if you or a friend have any questions pertaining to exercise, health, a positive mind-set, or how to begin repairing your body, give me a call or send me an email.

A 7-day Healthy Approach To Stress

A 7-day Healthy Approach To Stress. Different people get stressed for different reasons. A sporting event, obstacles of family life, kids activities, the pressures of work, other people, and relationships in general. This feeling of mild anxiety can cause different outcomes, even negative consequences. Stress, is a normal human reaction, the body’s reaction to rising challenges and tough situations. We all encounters stress at some point in our lives but how we deal with it can make a great impact on our lives. I believe a healthy approach to recognizing stress is taking a deep look inside ourselves and learning […]

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