Are YOU Stuck?

Are YOU Stuck?

Are YOU Stuck? Do YOU have clothes hanging in the back of your closet that you say you will wear one day again? How long have YOU been wanting to lose weight, become more trim, tone up? How many fad diets, shakes, pill have you tried to make YOU lose weight but they never worked? Are YOU Ready to take ACTION? Are YOU Ready to become ACCOUNTABLE? How long are you going to remain STUCK and really dislike how YOU feel? It all STOPS NOW when you take ACTION! It all STOPS – the wanting & the wishing – when […]

How Do I get More Sleep as a Woman

How Do I get More Sleep as  a Women? I know YOU’RE busy. Between working, taking care of YOUR family, traveling from one end of town to the other – perhaps for work and/or driving your kids around – and then still needing to cook a nutritious dinner, do laundry, and clean the house. Do YOU often lie in bed at night, exhausted but yet you’re fighting insomnia and wish you would fall asleep faster? I get it because this actually happened to me on Monday.  I was still up after 11:00 pm doing work on my computer, realized I […]

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is today. To all the ladies around the world –  Happy International Women’s Day – Women’s Week. Take a moment to acknowledge how important YOU are; for all that YOU do; for all that YOU give. Key things YOU can do for yourself is to move your body by exercising, to eat balanced, healthy meals, and to have a positive mindset. In today’s Vblog, I touch base on exciting things that are happening this month. I’d love to know what YOU are doing today – for yourself – by commenting below.  Make sure to come back on Friday […]

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