3 Tips on what to Avoid on Your Weight Loss Journey

3 Tips on what to Avoid on Your Weight Loss Journey

Do YOU know what to avoid on YOUR weight loss journey? Are there times when YOU are on your weight loss journey and it seems to come to a halt? YOU are routinely exercising, yet YOU hit a plateau where days or weeks go by and your scale has not moved – it’s downright frustrating! Did YOU know there are specific patterns that cause your weight loss goal to come to a halt? Here are 3-of these specific patterns, what to avoid. 1) Are YOU are eating more than you think you are? Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and other diet […]

Exercise is key to helping with Back Pain, Australian Studies Reveals

Low back pain is one of the most common health problems in the world, with at least 80 per cent of people experiencing, at least, one episode in their lives, says an Australian report. The key to preventing lower back pain is exercise, says Chris Maher, a health researcher and professor with the George Institute for Global Health at  the University of Sydney. Read MORE on this report HERE As a personal trainer, I am not at all surprised by this study as I’ve had countless clients come to me about their back issues.  Once they began implementing an exercise program into their lifestyle everything changed and repair […]

Winter Exercise

Winter Exercise is FUN!! Out for my morning walk, I decided to record another “VLOG“.  I really think I like this form of casual video recording because it’s ‘just me’ talking about things I feel are very important.  Kind of like me talking to you except that you’re not physically there. This weekend we went to a local tubing park – boy was it a lot of fun!  IN today’s video, I talk about this fun form of exercise, making goals for yourself and writing them down, and I ask YOU what you would like me to talk about – […]

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