5-reason’s why New Year’s Resolutions rarely work.

5-reason’s why New Year’s Resolutions rarely work.

A couple of weeks ago, thousands of people joined a gym or purchased a new fitness gadget with good intentions. However, if you have never stuck with an exercise program/routine before, how can a New Year’s Resolution make a difference? YOU must remember for success to occur, it goes far beyond making a decision overnight – okay, maybe it wasn’t overnight – maybe your New Year’s fitness resolution came to you sometime during the month of December. So, as I wrote in my title, here are five reason’s why fitness resolutions rarely work. 1. NEW Gym Membership: A lot of […]

R.I.P David Bowie

Normally I would be writing about YOUR health, fitness, well-being, balance, or making important time for yourself. But with the headline news about David Bowie dying at 69, after an 18-month battle with cancer, I just had to write about him instead. Being a teenager in the 80’s, I grew up with loving the music of “New Wave”, was a “waver” myself, and yes, David Bowie was on my top 10-list of bands/rock idols. Although his fame did begin in the 70’s as Ziggy Stardust, his image evolved in the 80’s, and this is when I began to notice him […]

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s January 2016, and you know what that means – New Year’s Resolutions. Yet, I’m not one to make any as I feel ‘Resolutions’ are something you should view in life as a lifestyle implement – like exercise/fitness, health, life balance, feeling gratitude and being grateful for what you have – Life in general I guess. However said, when making a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ how long does it really last? You see, you can’t just wake up one morning and vow to yourself that in 2016, in January, “I am going to…”: A)… B)… And C)… No, YOU are just […]

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