Taking time for yourself to change your lifestyle not just your waistline

Taking time for yourself to change your lifestyle not just your waistline

I received a phone call 2-weeks ago from our local paper‘s editor.  He wanted to interview me for an article on the importance of taking care of yourself vs just making New Year’s Resolutions. Well, you can just image how thrilled and honoured I was to be asked, and immediately jumped on this exciting opportunity. As you are well aware of, I want to inspire women to make important time for themselves, to take charge of their life and create a balanced lifestyle which includes healthy eating and fitness – to Shape YOUR Foundation. I’m a big believer in taking some […]

Fitness Trends 2016

The New Year means a lot more people will be out looking for workouts to get in shape for 2016 and that means that gyms, fitness classes, and personal trainers will be fighting for their attention. With the rise in sales of wearable technology, new and fun workouts that capture, and sustain participants attention is the best way to stand out and appeal to those who are looking to get in shape or exercise regulars who want something new. “Every year the fitness world adjusts and evolves bringing in new elements to already established classes or bringing in new workouts […]

Festive Fitness – 5-ways to enjoy a healthy and happy Christmas!

Festive Fitness  – staying fit during Christmas can feel like an uphill struggle with all the Christmas parties, family get-togethers and all the chocolates and sweets there to tempt you. But it doesn’t have to be the end of your diet or the finish pole in your exercise routine and there are some tips and tricks available for you to have a fit Christmas. “Christmas is a time when people often can go way overboard with their eating habits, chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and these bad habits make us lethargic and can set us back months in our […]

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