Exercise and Loving your Job

Exercise and Loving your Job

Did you know one of the secrets to loving your job is exercise?! Perhaps you’re questioning this statement and asking yourself if I am serious, but in a recent study by co-author Elnar B.Thorsteinsson, it has been proven that exercise lowers stress, increases well-being and directly reduces work burnout – which in essence enhances your sense of personal work achievement and pride in your work. So yes, exercise really is one of the secrets to loving your job. Of course exercise goes far beyond improving your appreciation and love for your work – in fact, it improves your overall mind-set, […]

Paris Tragedy and the Importance of Family & Friends

The World is devastated by the recent events that have taken place in Paris, France. But what you must not forget is that tragedy is all around us – innocent lives are so brutally taken away by actions that we ourselves do not understand or stand by. Many people have taken a social media stand voicing their opinions or protesting their anger through various posts and/or updating their profiles with a country’s flag. But what I do not understand is how these same people (YOU) can walk away from the tragedy that is happening in their (YOUR) own backyard, down […]

Begin YOUR “New Year’s Resolutions” NOW

Why wait until January to begin YOUR “New Year’s Resolutions”!   It takes 30-days to make something a routine. If you begin NOW with 1-goal, then YOU will be ahead of the game to achieve it. Come January it will be achieved and YOU can work on your next goal. Give me a shout out NOW and book YOUR FREE Consultation with me TODAY – I want to know how I can help answer YOUR questions about YOUR Fitness & Health Goals

Unknown Weight Gain, Mood Swings and Low Sex Drive

It’s something a lot of women are too embarrassed or shy away from talking about, but unknown excessive weight gain. mood swings, not getting a good night sleep and having a low sex drive are some symptoms of Hormone Imbalances. If you’re in your early 40’s (although symptoms can occur as early as your late 20’s), these are typical perimenopause (PMS) symptoms – before you hit full menopause. Progesterone and Estrogen levels in your body are changing which causes influxes and your hormone levels become unbalanced. But did you know that your own lifestyle factors are also linked to Hormone […]

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