Are YOU Holding YOUR Breathe? Relax & Beat Stress by Breathing!

Are YOU Holding YOUR Breathe? Relax & Beat Stress by Breathing!

Breathing is something we all do without thinking.  If we are not breathing we are going to die. Did you know breathing is a reflex action done by our body to provide the flow of oxygen around the body to the vital organs! Wikipedia describes humans breathe as 12 and 20 times per minute, with children breathing faster than adults.  (Babies may breathe as much as 40 times per minute. Adults normally breathe about 500-700ml of air at a time. An average 14 year old takes around 30,000 breaths per day). Did you know you can control your breathing?  YOU […]

Super Foods – sharing the information

Today’s blog is a little different. I’ve decided to share two websites with you that I believe have very important information. 7 Reasons to Eat Superfoods daily – From raw cacao to goji berries superfoods pack a punch when it comes to boosting your health and energy levels. We just can’t get enough of them! These powerful, nutrient-packed foods are amazing for your health and wellbeing. So full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more – they’re incredibly potent in comparison to other foods pound for pound. Good Food on a Tight Budget – EWG’s Good Food on a Tight Budget Stretching […]

Top 3 Tips on Loosing Weight and Getting Fit

It summer and you know what that means – people are turning their thoughts to loosing weight and getting fit. The Google search begins on how to achieve this – the secret formula – diets, shake’s, medication or exercise are some of the most popular results you’ll find. The choices are really endless. However, no ‘program’ is going to stick without implementing these top three tips into your lifestyle. Positive Thinking – The way your mind works has a huge impact on how your body works. If you are always speaking negatively or having negative thoughts, “I don’t like my […]

6-Tips to Help You Achieve Better Sleep

Many Canadians are having difficulties falling asleep at night.  Instead of sleeping and dreaming they roll around in their beds trying to fall asleep. Is this YOU? The end result, you’re not well rested come morning and you find yourself tired all day leading to stress and less performance on the job and/or at home. Here is a list of 6-powerful tips that have helped many people achieve better sleep. 1) Room temperature: Keeping the temperature in your bedroom at 68° Fahrenheit or below is recommended. Too often an overheated bedroom is causing sleep problems. Scientific studies show that the […]

Top 3 Ways on How to Make Time for Yourself

Do you find yourself upset, yelling at everyone and then disliking yourself for doing so?  Are you short fused and lack patience?  You are a wife and mother, work full-time, your kids have activities during the week and sometimes on weekends.  You feel tired all the time; you’re always ‘chauffeuring’ your kids around; sometimes you take work projects home with you; the day is done before you know it and you’re frustrated because you haven’t found any time for yourself.  You know the importance of exercising, distressing, eat healthier, and finding time to slow down and relax – but how […]

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