May’s Client of the Month, Laura

May’s Client of the Month, Laura

 Laura Laura is always ready to take on each class and perform all the exercises that are presented to her. Always arriving on time with enthusiasm, a positive spirit, looking forward to the variety of workouts and persevering right to the end. Laura helps create a great camaraderie with new participants by welcoming them and making them feel part of the group. As for her fitness levels, I have seen great improvements over the last couple of months, in fact I was just commenting yesterday on how she had no problem hammering out one minute of Kettlebell Swings with a […]

3 Habits for Weight Loss, Becoming Lean and Losing Body Fat.

Are you trying to lose weight but numbers on the scale are not changing?  Your clothes still fit the same, they’re not getting too big?  Your belt buckle is still stuck on the last hole?  Or are you still too embarrassed to tuck in your shirt? You’re most likely frustrated because you are exercising for over an hour almost everyday; your store bought pre-packaged snacks are labelled ‘healthy’; you’ve changed your eating habits; but nothing is budging!   Time to re-evaluate! Exercise:  That’s great you are doing cardio as it essentially strengthens your heart, but if your goal is weight […]

Top 5 Benefits of Weight Loss & How it Influences Your Life.

Some people are happy with their current weight – or perhaps they misunderstand, are confused, or generally don’t care about the importance of a ‘healthy’ scale number, body fat percentage, and body measurement.    But in reality, whether people want to admit it or not, if you are overweight and/or obese, then weight loss has numerous benefits and plays an important role in influencing your life.  It directly impacts your health, your self-esteem, and it can influence your overall outlook on life. Breaking it down to the top five benefits will help explain this better. Lower Blood Pressure:  Blood pressure is […]

3 Biggest Common Misconceptions to Loosing Your Belly Fat

  It’s no secret that both men and women look for ways of reducing their belly fat.  But what and how you do it are often misunderstood.   A week goes by and frustration sets in because you are not seeing any results.  You don’t understand because you’re not eating a lot, you’re doing 100 crunches everyday, and you’re going to bed earlier.  Time to break down these common misconceptions and understand why they will not lead you to loosing your belly fat. You’re not eating a lot:  Does that mean you are starving yourself?  Do you find your belly rumbles […]

Finding Your Perfect Fitness Professional

You want to begin a fitness program and you know the only way you are going to stick with it is one of two ways – hire a fitness professional (personal trainer), or join a group fitness class. Although you know the benefits you are hesitant at the same time because you’ve heard stories from friends and acquaintances how they stopped working out because they didn’t like their trainer. No worries, by following these simple guidelines, they will help you find your perfect fitness professional. Before beginning a program, set up an informal meeting with your fitness professional and see […]

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