Personal Training: Characteristics and Benefits of a Good Trainer

Personal Training: Characteristics and Benefits of a Good Trainer

  Happy Smile, warm sunshine, positive self-esteem! Oh, sorry, I got caught up with the photo-actually the warm sunshine because as I right this, it’s 6:00am, it’s winter outside, and the sun has yet to come out!  Don’t get me wrong, I do love winter.  Yes, I’ll take a real winter any day where it’s cold, the snow glistens everywhere, and the sun shines so bright as it reflects off the snow, over the dreary, dark & damp, wet mild winter temperatures! Now, back on topic. You’re wondering about 1-on-1 Personal Training.  What to look for when searching for a […]

Fitness for Older Adults

  Fitness For Older Adults No one is too old to begin or continue an exercise program!  Did you know as you grow older, an active lifestyle is more important than ever.  Increasing your well-being (your thoughts & outlook on life), increasing your range of motion (reaching for things & bending down), improving your balance (lessen risk of falls), and decreasing risk of disease (better heart health) are just some of the many benefits. By exercise, I’m not talking about running a marathon, participating in a high intensity fitness class, or working out non-stop for 1+ hour(s).  No, I mean participating in […]

Thursday, January 8, 2015: Body Business Welcomes in 2015 We had a lot of fun ringing in the New Year during our Blue & White Themed Fitness Party.   The gymnasium was a powerhouse filled with very enthusiastic participants pumping out the weights to the beat of some hard rocking dance tunes.  (And here you didn’t think 3 1/2 minute drills could be so much fun!) Congrats to Sandra, our prize winner who walked away with a 1-of-a kind glass teapot combined with a great variety of loose leaf teas.

Hello to January, Winter, New Year’s Resolutions & Big Picture Goals!

  It was January 2011 that I decided to share my passion & love for Fitness & Health and began Body Business.  And let me tell you it has been a wonderful journey.  As any entrepreneur will tell you, no 2 days are alike; there are always good days & struggles, however the bonus of having your own business is the fact that it really does not seem like work, it is enjoyment.  Okay, did I just say it isn’t work?!  By that I mean any job you do should become a part of you – looking forward to each […]

Bootcamp Style Workouts

 Bootcamp Style Workouts I know, you hear the word “Bootcamp” and you have visions of a drill sargent screaming over your body while you are ready to collapse; rippled bodies bursting with muscles everywhere you look; going hard with no breaks and unable to pick yourself up off the floor, while crawling to the showers! Well, yes, bootcamp can be like this however, no fears as some classes can be the exact opposite. Other ‘bootcamp’ classes are run by an instructor who leads you through a group of exercises, giving modifications to suit all fitness levels.  You are encouraged to both listen […]

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