Goals 2015, A New You

Goals 2015, A New You

Hey There. I really don’t know where to begin. It was not too long ago that I began writing my blogs, and little did I know how my passion for writing about Fitness & Health would touch so many people and gain so much feedback. I truly am touched! Thank-you for all the well wishes, positive feedback, and telling me you look forward to future blogs. I’ll leave you with this video I made the other day, sorry, no witty blog today.  It’s about how… well, I’ll leave you to watching my video and I await your comments below. Happy Listening, […]

Finding Important ‘ME’ Time

          I recently received an email from someone, explaining to me how they would love the take part in group fitness, but a busy life keeps them from finding time (to cover privacy issues, I’ve given this person another name, we’ll call them Sam). My reply to Sam, Hi Sam, I appreciate you getting back to me. Do know I understand how life can get very crazy, as we also experience it here at home, but realize that making time for yourself is no less important than anyone else. I always preach that in order for us […]

Passion & Positive Thinking Lead to Greatness

  How we begin our day and how we end it sets the tone on our thinking.  Are our dreams to reach the highest peak on a mountain?  Strive for greatness?  Pick up enough nerve to say hello to the stranger you walk by everyday?  Or is it simply to make it through the day? For those of you who already know me, I am a strong believer in faith, positive thinking, listening to your gut feelings, and showing your passions. Yes, I know, some may say they do think positive and nothing good ever comes their way, just negative, […]

Client of the Month, November

     Tracy F. Tracy’s involvement as a Body Business Participant Team Member has been spread out over the last 3 year’s. Being a wife, mother, and working full-time in a very demanding job position, she has always made the effort to take part and attend as many fitness sessions as her schedule allowed her to.  Dealing with stress head-on, she shares her feelings on how great she feels after the exercises & the cool-down.  Tracy has a determined mindset and always works hard during each session.  Making various advanced  fit steps, it has been over this last year where I have witnessed huge, rewarding, strives forward towards positive changes on both a mindful & […]

Why Body Business? as stated in October’s Newsletter

Normally this sections is dedicated to our Client of the Month, however, this month I feel it is important to address the above question. Everywhere you look, around the corner, in almost every neighbourhood; advertising; on social media, you’ll see a sign posted from a gym. fitness studio, or personal training facility. You have many options presented to you about why they are “The Best”.  What makes them special; Why you no loner need to look further. Some fitness businesses may feel pressured from competition, leading them to compare themselves and change what they believe in, their core values.  They may even go forth and feel that […]

Client of the Month, September

      Dave P. David joined Body Business Fitness Sessions in January and has made many positive strives forward.  During this time, I have been amazed at how fast David’s movements and strength have improved, allowing him to progress to a much higher fitness level with precision & proper form. From the get go, David has always been keen and looks forward to taking on any new challenges that are presented to him.  His eagerness & willingness, with the mindset to proceed with power, allows David to conquer each & every session, while taking special care to execute the exercises with proper form & technique. A final rewarding aspect about having David, is his encouragement […]

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