Homemade Meals, Really Simple Actually, as also written in Time Magazine

Homemade Meals, Really Simple Actually, as also written in Time Magazine

I recently read an interesting article in October 20th issue of Time Magazine.  Written by best selling food writer Mark Bittman. He writes about needing to return to the basics, remember when we were young, and ate homemade meals.  I think you can agree that nothing beats mom’s cooking!  Thinking back to my childhood, although my mother worked full-time, she still always made an effort to provide the family with wholesome, made from scratch, using natural ingredients, home made meals.  Never mind just including dinner, this also included breakfast, and a wonderful ‘take-to-school’ lunch box meal, later on, paper bag lunches. Your […]

Why We Sweat and How it Benefits Our Body

“Exercise – ugh – never one of my favorite things. It wasn’t that I was endearingly clumsy like the girl in one of my favorite romance novels, nor was I particularly athletic, either. I suppose, if the truth be told, I was just plain lazy. I had never been attracted to the idea of purposely sweating.  ― Lisa C. Temple, Illuminating Gracie Sweating is a normal and healthy part of a healthy life. Damp underarms, drips on your forehead, and running down parts of your body you never knew could become dripping in sweat, are healthy.  You need to sweat during exercise […]

Group Fitness, Reason’s It’s Great

Being a Fitness Professional, I relish in a very rewarding and fun career.  Working with a variety of clients, both 1-on-1, and in group fitness settings. If someone were to ask me which type of Personal Training I love most, I would have a hard time narrowing it down.  They are equally important, rewarding, and have huge positive benefits for both myself and my clients.  Knowing I help make a difference in someone’s life, no words can explain this feeling. But, for today, I’ve decided to share an article written by Dave Olesczuk, which place the focus on Reason’s Group Fitness Training is […]

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