See how easy you can get rid of lower back pain once and for all!

See how easy you can get rid of lower back pain once and for all!

I know, you get up in the morning and your back feels like it is about to break. Or, you’ve been sitting in your comfy sofa at the end of the day, you go to get up, “OUCH”, you feel pain, especially in your lower back. You’re not alone. The world is being flooded with people complaining of lower back issues. But wait, here are 3 simple solutions that I would like to share with you.  I know there are countless other ways to help back pain, but I feel it is important to keep it easy & simple. By providing you […]

YOU Deserve This Spot

You may recall in January Body Business began featuring a “Client of the Month‘, giving everyone a positive vision; to acknowledge that we all have the ability to make great things happen. To include exercise, and nutritious eating habits, into our weekly schedules & lives, no matter how busy it may seem, and to acknowledge the wonderful things that come to light when our Body, Mind, and Spirit take a turn for the positive. I know YOU are all capable of making this happen.   Body Business wants to see you succeed. Take the moments now, those baby steps.  I know sometimes it may be difficult to […]

Hydration & Exercise

Dirty Dash, July 2014 My husband and I after completing the 8km Dirty Dash.  Definitely NOT for the serious runner! Notice the BIG smiles.  For anyone who has run this race you will agree that the finish line is full of laughter, smiles, and for many, becoming stuck in the knee deep mud pit-yes, that’s the only way to the finish line.  Some may say this is ‘disgusting’, but where else can you enjoy a ‘spa’ mud bath in the great outdoor! So, now to the hydration part.  You may have already heard about the importance of staying hydrated, especially prior […]

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