Helping Our Birds, Bird Feeders & Love

Helping Our Birds, Bird Feeders & Love

The Beauty of Nature’s Colors In Winter As we all rush indoors to the warmth during these last couple of weeks, my thoughts are always on the poor animals that are left outside to fend for themselves.  Could this be the reason we have 4 feeders outside?  Two in the front yard, two in the backyard…. Yes, and No. Let me Explain. AS you know, birds help control the insect population, they sing a beautiful song, and personally, my family can agree with me on this one, they are fun and exciting to watch.  Almost peaceful. In the Summer our feathered friends have a variety […]

What is T.B.T.B.C?

WHAT IS T.B.T.B.C?? (The Body Transformation Bootcamp Challenge by Body Business) Well, let me break it down for you into two simple categories…. What it is not: 45 minutes of non-stop exercises with no rests open to only very fit individuals a competitive atmosphere a room full of people watching you class that never has new ideas and/or exercises a class where you are not felt welcome or greeted class where you are pushed beyond your limits a serious atmosphere were no laughs allowed a place where no support is given for your efforts a judgemental place of fitness What it is: 5 min. […]

January’s Client Of The Month – Sarah M.

Sarah has been with Body Business for a little over a year now and with her she always brings a positive energy, great enthusiasm, and wears a huge, warm smile (as her photo shows) each and every session; always pushing herself, never giving up, and proving that she can do it! There are days Sarah is exhausted from a long, hard day ‘at the office’, but always pulls it together and finds time to make it to T.B.T.B.C Fitness Sessions, knowing she will feel both Energized & Relaxed by the end of class! I have seen so many positive changes […]

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